What is NORKA – SCMS Institute?

This institute is promoted by the Department of Non Resident Indians (NORKA) of the Kerala Government jointly with the nationally reputed and Cochin based SCMS Group of Educational Institutions to offer training in CGFNS, IELTS, NCLEX etc. to Keralites who plan to go to countries like USA, Australia, Germany, France, New Zealand, Gulf Region countries etc. in search of lucrative jobs. These qualifications are a must to get an entry to the above countries and that is why several institutions have mushroomed in Kerala to offer these training programmes in the recent past.

Why NORKA – SCMS Institute?

As there was no system or quality check in the training offered by many institutes the Government decided to enter the field to offer quality professional training to those who go abroad. As the Government by itself cannot do this job they identified SCMS, a nationally reputed professional management institution of excellence, to collaborate and establish an institute to offer quality training at an affordable cost to youngsters who seek jobs abroad. Thus the NORKA-SCMS INSTITUTE FOR PARAMEDICAL AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES, has come into being on the basis of a cabinet decision of the Kerala Government.

Job Potential

There are tremendous job potential for qualified Nurses and other paramedical personnel in USA and other nations in view of the increasing reluctance of locals to take up jobs in this very important service sector. In USA alone it is reported that the requirement is 1,64,000 nurses in 2005. It is 30,000 in Germany, 27,000 in Europe and UK, 28,000 in Australia and 20,000 in the Gulf region. It is increasing every year with the growth of healthcare services globally.

Do NORKA – SCMS Help Get Job Abroad?

No. Manpower export is not conceived as part of the job of NORKA-SCMS INSTITUTE now. There are separate Govt. and other agencies like ODEPEC and authorized manpower exporters who do this job. However, NORKA-SCMS will render all help and assistance to its students in their effort to seek jobs in other countries.