Application for admission IELTS, CGFNS can be had from Admission Officer, NORKA-SCMS INSTITUTE on payment of Rs.100/- in person or on payment by DD for Rs.125/- in favour of the Admission Officer, NORKA-SCMS INSTITUTE if it is to be received by post.

Application duly filled in shall be submitted to the Admission Officer. For consideration of admission to the first batch of the course, application should reach the office on or before 3rd March 2005.


A Degree or Diploma in Nursing from a recognized institution for Nurses. For IELTS Graduation is a must.

Course Fee

A candidate shall pay Rs.5000/- towards course fee for IELTS and Rs.7500/- towards CGFNS.

Duration of Course

30 days (240 hrs) will be the duration of course for IELTS. 45 days will be the duration of course for CGFNS (300 hrs).

Batch Strength
Maximum students in one batch is fixed at 30 for each course.


To the extent possible hostel facilities will be provided to students. Candidates are advised to utilize the residential facilities provided by the Institute if available, for which payment shall be made separately.