International Conference on Aging well

Out of the 7.50 billion people in the world, every eighth person is aged 60 or above! This brings to a large number of almost 937 million people which is far more than the total population of Europe! Also when we realize that around 125 million people are above 80 years, one wonders whether it is a reason to be concerned or to rejoice. The data from WHO specifies that between 2015 & 2050 World population over 60 years will nearly double 12 % to 22 % and by 2020 number of people aged over 60 years and older will outnumber the children younger than 5 years.

Falling fertility rates continue & life expectancy continues to rise- older people will steadily increase as a proportion of the population.While population ageing is a global phenomenon, it is progressing fastest in developing countries including India with large youth populations. Aging is the process of becoming older & it is a process that is genetically determined & environmentally modulated. Now aging has been changed as adaptation sheds light on resilience, well-being, & emotional distress. Ageing has profound consequences on a broad range of economic, political and social processes. First & foremost is the increasing priority to promote the well-being of older persons in most countries of the world & making them independent to upgrade their socio-economic wellbeing.

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