International Tie-ups

Indo German Centre For Water Technology

Under the auspices of the Indo German Centre for Water Technology and Management at SCMS two brain storming sessions were held to identify the local issues in regard to drinking water availability and supply.

Prof.P.C.Pillai, Group Director, SCMS Group, presided over the first meeting convened by Dr.C.K.Rajan, Professor and Chair-in-charge of Climatic and Environmental Changes, on January 23. Dr. Johannes Fritsch, University of Applied Sciences, Weingarten, Germany, who is heading the project, made a presentation on the scope of the project to the invitees and a detailed discussion ensued. Smt. Jolly Thomas, Executive Engineer, State Referral Institute of Water Quality, Kerala Water Authority, Shri.S.Jayathilakan, former Chairman, Kerala State Productivity Council, Dr.M.P.Sukumaran Nair, Director, Centre for Green Technology and Management, Shri. Satish K. Prabhu, Chief Manager-Innovation, Skyline Foundations & Structures, Shri P.K. Abdul Salim, MD, Flik Water Purifier System, Prof.T.V.Jacob, former Chief Engineer, Kerala Water Authority, Dr.Ravi Divakaran , Professor of Chemistry, Toc H Institute of Science and Technology, Prof.K.J.Paulose, and Prof.Sreekumar B.Pillai participated in the discussions.

Closer Partnership With Ravensburg-Weingarten University

A delegation from Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences, Germany, was in SCMS-COCHIN on January 30 and 31 to discuss and finalise a closer partnership between the two institutions. The delegation was headed by Prof. (Dr.) Eberhard Hohl, Head-MBA Programme and Director of International Affairs and Prof. Bernd Platzek, Director of Executive Programmes. Mr.Michael Kempf, Founder & CEO, MKS Software and Mr.Markus Folz, HR Manager, Rafi GmbH & Co. KG were the industry representatives in the delegation in addition to six MBA students.

Dr.G.P.C.Nayar, Chairman, SCMS Group and Prof.Pradeep P. Thevannoor, Vice Chairman, signed the partnership agreement on behalf of SCMS Group and Prof. (Dr.) Eberhard Hohl, and Prof.Bernd Platzek signed on behalf of the University.

Partnering with the University, SCMS School of International Studies will be conducting a unique international MBA programme that suits to the requirements of the modern changing world and the aspirations of the younger generation. The novel programme in International Business Management designed by the Ravensburg-Weingarten University is targeting on engineering graduates.

The programme is of 18 months duration and will be completed in four phases. During the first and second phases the students will learn at SCMS and Ravensburg-Weingarten University. In the third and fourth phases the students will undergo an internship programme in a good company in Germany and will be involved in the planning, implementation, documentation and presentation of business research projects. The lectures will be in English. However, the students will get German language and culture courses as well. The internship phase is the most interesting part of this new academic programme which provides sufficient opportunities for the students to get on-the-job experience in management.

The MBA programme qualifies engineering graduates in areas like business administration, marketing, purchasing, production and logistics. They will get specialization in management and leadership tasks that involve project management, innovation, product development, production management, supply chain management, business process management, IT management and many more.

SCMS-COCHIN is already an international partner of Ravensburg-Weingarten University. Dr. Johannes Fritsch, a specialist in advanced membrane technology for water treatment, from the University is already stationed in our campus heading an international collaborative project. Jerome Schneider, an MBA student of the University is also in the campus. With the new partnership agreement SCMS has also become a part of an International University Network having partners in South Africa, the USA and Europe.