SIBBRD Research

The biotechnology research institution, started in the year 2007, is a major initiative of SCMS Group in a frontier area of science. It has obtained several patents and published more than 20 research based articles in refereed journals of global reputation and acceptance. It has developed several new products including biofuel from coconut oil and diabetic tea from Stevia powder. It is recognised by the Science and Technology Department of the Govt. of India and approved by the Kerala University of Health & Allied Sciences. It also has affiliation of Mysore University. Several students pursue research for taking Doctorate in biotechnology area at this institute. The SCMS School of Technology & Management, our MBA institution is offering 4 M.Sc. programmes in frontier areas of Biotechnology in association with the Biotechnology Research Division of the Group. The M.Sc. programmes offered are in the areas of Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering, Genomics & Proteomics, Toxicology and Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering. SCMS is the only institution in India which offers these programmes and our students are in great demand in the biopharma industry and also in the medical science area as researchers and academics

I. Academic & Research Achievements:

  1. Best paper Award in Life Science for Ms. Divyaa Sreekumar- Wound healing mechanism of Hemigraphis colorata in cell line cultures Swadeshi Science Congress organized by 23rd Swadeshi Science Movement at Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam on 6-8th November 2013
  2. Best paper award in Biotechnology for Ms. Anu Geethu - Novel therapeutic property of recombinant human GAPDH peptide. 26th Kerala Science Congress organized by Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE), January 29-February 1st 2013, Trivandrum.
  3. Best paper award for Ms. Anisha S – International Seminar on recent biochemical approaches in therapeutics. Bactericidal effect of recombinant bovine lactoferrin proteins and peptides of vechur cow against bovine mastitis disease. Department of Biochemistry, University of Kerala, January 10th 2013.
  4. Inspire fellowship of Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India– Mr. Vishnu R, M.Sc First Rank, 2009 batch
  5. Best paper award for Ms. Anju Nandakumar, National conference on recent advances in Nano-Biotechnology-Prokaryotic Expression and Characterization of Ascorbate Peroxidase, the disease resistant gene in Capsicum annum. Gulbarga university, Karnataka. 20-21st March 2012.
  6. Best paper award for Ms. Krishna K. Yathi, National conference on recent advances in Nano-Biotechnology. Efficacy of Antiserum of Recombinant Antigen for the Rapid Detection of CHIK Virus by Sandwich ELISA. Gulbarga university, Karnataka. 20-21st March 2012.
  7. Best poster presentation award – Mr. Sooraj Babu, National conference on recent advances in Nano-Biotechnology Comparative sequence analysis of the full coding regions of Aquaporin genes and their relative gene expression in Pokkali and Jyothi varieties of Oryza sativa. Gulbarga university, Karnataka. 20-21st March 2012.

II. Ongoing research Programmes:

External Funded Projects:

  1. Regulation of the expression of Insulin receptor (INSR) and glucose transporter (glut4) genes in response to stevioside as an antidiabetic agent in normal and insulin sensitive L6E9 myoblast and T3-L1 preadipocytes- Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India, 2011-2013.
  2. Development of Low Fat Nutritionally Rich Delicious Fresh Tender Coconut Cream – Technology Mission, Coconut Development Board, Govt. of India – 2012-2014
  3. Evaluation of Coconut Embryonic Tissue - Haustorium for the Production of Value Added Products with respect to its Nutritional, Therapeutic and other Biological Properties - Technology Mission, Coconut Development Board, Govt. of India – 2013-2015
  4. Designing a hygienic harvesting process and an appropriate processing technology for sustaining the quality of coconut neera as a nutritive drink. Technology Mission, Coconut Development Board, Govt. of India – 2013-2015

In-house projects:

  1. Production of recombinant Human lactoferrin for exploiting its therapeutic benefits.
  2. Rapid Diagnosis of chikungunya virus and production of monoclonal antibodies against E1 Coat protein.
  3. Earlier Diagnosis of serotypes of dengue virus using recombinant NS1.
  4. Expression of Plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 gene during wound healing in cell line wound models
  5. Nutritional evaluation of recombinant Bovine lactoferrin (BLf) protein as a health supplement.
  6. Functional expression of FAD2 (omega-6 fatty acid desaturase) gene of soyabean in peanut for improving the PUFA content
  7. Enrichment of Steviosides- the natural sweetener in Stevia rebaudiana by over expressing UGT gene.

III. Patents filed:

Indian patents:

  1. Sequence, Transgenic Products and Process Thereof- Application No. 982/CHE/2011, dated March 29, 2011
  2. Nucleotide and Amino acid Sequence, Methods and Kit Thereof Application No. 980/CHE/2011, dated March 28, 2011
  3. A composition and a process thereof – Patent No. 2327/CHE/2007
  4. A composition for treating Kerala wilt disease in coconut palms –Application No. 1152/CHE/2004, dated 5-11-2004

International Patent (Australia):

  1. Sequence, Transgenic Products and Process Thereof- Application No. PCT/IB2012/051491, dated March 28th 2012
  2. Nucleotide and Amino acid Sequence, Methods and Kit Thereof – Application No. PCT/IB2012/051458, dated March 27th 2012.

Patents Granted:

  1. A Herbal composition comprising plant parts of Stevia sps and Coffee beans- Patent No. 246859 (Application No. 2310/CHE/2007 – Patent Granted
  2. A Process for the production of steviol from Stevia sps – Patent No. 245903 (Application No.1436/CHE/2007)- Patent Granted

IV. Gene Accession numbers in NCBI gene data bank:

JN038572, JN038570, JN183868, JN183867, JN183866, JN183865 JN183864 ,JN03857, HQ235029,HQ235028, HQ215949,HQ215948,HQ215947,HM063066,HM063065,HM462476,


EU678358,GU059864,GQ259127,EU908061, FJ973623, FJ589071, EU908063,EU908062,



V. Research Publications in Journals:

  1. Krishna Kammara Yathi, Salini Bhasker, Mohankumar C (2013) (Determination of B cell epitopes and evaluation of antigen capture ELISA for the earlier diagnosis of CHIK virus using anti-rCHIK E1 rabbit antibodies. Journal of Immunological methods 393, 45-52.
  2. Harish Madhav, Salini Bhasker, C Mohankumar (2013) Functional and structural variation of uridine diphosphate glycosyltransferase (UGT) gene of Stevia rebaudiana-UGTSr involved in the synthesis of rebaudioside A. Plant Physiology & Biochemistry 63, 245-253
  3. Susan George, Salini Bhasker, Harish Madhav, Archana Nair, Mohankumar Chinnamma (2013) Functional characterization of recombinant bromelain of Ananas comosus expressed in a prokaryotic system. Molecular Biotechnology (Online published – DOI 10.1007/s12033-013-9692-2
  4. Rajesh Mamkulathil Devasia, Salini Bhasker and Mohankumar Chinnamma (2013) Relative Quantification of FAD2 Gene expression and Comparative Analysis of SNPs of Indian Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Cultivars. Biosciences Biotechnology Research Asia, June 2013. Vol. 10 (1) 403-410.
  5. Anju Nandakumar, Salini Bhasker and Chinnamma Mohankumar (2013). Functional Variation of Ascorbate Peroxidase in Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) Varieties during Infection of Phytophthora capsici. Biosciences Biotechnology Research Asia, June 2013. Vol. 10 (1), 253-260.
  6. Anisha Shashidharan, Salini Bhasker, C Mohankumar (2012). Recombinant lactoferrin (Lf) of Vechur cow, the critical breed of Bos indicus and the Lf gene variants. GENE, 495 (1): 23–28.
  7. Krishna Kammara Yathi, Julia Mary Joseph, Salini Bhasker, Ramesh Kumar, Mohankumar C (2011). Recombinant CHIK virus E1 coat protein of 11 KDa with antigenic domains for the detection of Chikungunya. Journal of Immunological Methods, 372 (2011) 171–176
  8. Anisha Shashidharan, Ruchi Singh, Salini Bhasker, C Mohankumar (2011) Physicochemical characterization and functional site analysis of lactoferrin gene of Vechur cow, the critical breed of Bos Indicus by bioinformatics approaches. Bioinformation 6(7): 275-278.
  9. RB Smitha, Thomas Bennans, C Mohankumar, Sailas Benjamin (2009) Oxidative stress enzymes in Ficus religiosa L.: biochemical, histochemical and anatomical evidences. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology 95: 17–25.
  10. Reeja Rajab, C Mohankumar, K Murugan, M Harish, PV Mohanan (2009) Purification and toxicity studies of stevioside from Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni. Toxicol Int 16 (1): 49-54.
  12. Joseph AY, Babu VS, Dev SS, Gopalakrishnapai J, Harish M, Rajesh MD, Anisha S and Mohankumar C. (2008). Rapid detection and characterization of Chikungunya virus by RT-PCR in febrile patients from Kerala, India. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology. 46: 573-578.

VI. Laboratories facilities:

  1. Molecular Biology Laboratories –I & II
  2. Biochemistry Laboratory
  3. Plant Tissue culture Laboratory
  4. Animal Cell culture & tissue Engineering laboratory
  5. Bioprocessing Laboratory I & II

VIII. Laboratory equipments

  1. Real time PCR
  2. PCR (Gradient)
  3. Eppendorf Mastercycler Personal
  4. CO2 Incubator
  5. Electroporator
  6. ELISA Reader
  7. Phase Contrast microscope with fluorescence adapters
  8. Biophotometer
  9. Infinity Gel Documentation
  10. Water Purification system
  11. UV Spectrophotometer
  12. Stereo Zoom Microscope
  13. Freezer vertical (-80°C)
  14. Quick Freezer Vertical (-20°C)
  15. Orbital Shaking incubator
  16. Centrifuge (Non-refrigerated)
  17. Mini Centrifuge (refrigerated)
  18. Thermomixer
  19. Manual sequencing gel unit
  20. Isoelectric focusing unit
  21. Gel drier
  22. Electrophoretic unit (Horizontal and vertical)
  23. Electronic Balance
  24. pH meter - digital
  25. Incubator Shaker
  26. LCD
  27. Analytical balance
  28. Top Loading Balance
  29. High Speed homogenizer
  30. Rotary vacuum Flash
  31. Microprocessor pH meter
  32. Autoclave
  33. Orbital Shaker
  34. Minifuge with strip rotor
  35. Serological water bath
  36. Laminar flow vertical

IX. Research Group of SIBBR&D:

  1. Dr.C.Mohankumar – Director
  2. Dr. Salini Bhasker – Senior Scientist
  3. Dr. Jithesh Narayanan – Senior Scientist
  4. Dr. Sheeja K – Scientist
  5. Ms. Anisha. S – Scientific Assistant
  6. Mr. Harish.M – Scientific Assistant
  7. Mr. Rajesh M.D – Scientific Assistant
  8. Dr.C.Balachandran – Scientist
  9. Ms.Divyaa Sreekumar – Research Fellow
  10. Ms. Nisha Pankaj – Research Fellow
  11. Ms. Malavika B.H- Research Fellow
  12. Ms. Sona A.S- Research Fellow