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Synergy Monthly Newsletter Cover Page

'SYNERGY' is the Computer Science Engineering Department Association. This venture talks out loud that we are not just geeks fiddling with tokens and identifiers, but true human beings who can feel the subtle and beautiful world around us. The Department Association is an ideal platform for our students to bring out the artists inside them and to remember their own artistic capabilities in between late night projects and hectic assignments. The activities within the association will gently remind students to keep an eye open to the society where we live and to be sensitive to the core issues of it, instead of just concentrating on the deadlines and running towards their selfish aims. It is a great platform to showcase the different abilities of our students, both artistic and academic. It will help the students in a good way to come out of their natural diffidence and to make much better human beings than better programmers. Under the title of synergy, the Department organizes many workshops, seminars, coding contests and other technical and cultural competitions

Innovative Software Cell

Innovative software cell (ISC) pertains to provide the students a platform for showcasing their innovative ideas. ISC provides an opportunity to students to work in an organized team structure and time lines utilizing the existing infrastructure and to satisfy the current software automation needs of the institute too.

If socially relevant and commercially viable project works from students are identified, they are considered for applying for funding from external agencies and inter college project exhibitions.

The different innovative Projects done as a part of innovative software cell:


A wheelchair monitored with the Android mobile application was developed to help the disabled patients to control the movement of wheelchair in different directions


My SSET is an android application developed for the SSET in which all class notifications are sent to the students of the respective classes


ESYLLA, an android syllabus application would help college students under Mahatma Gandhi University and APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University to view their syllabus for their entire academic curriculum.


An android application specifically developed to find the exact period for the faculties and students of the computer science department


This application is designed to reduce the time and effort required in searching for phone numbers of students and teachers of a department of SSET.


Wireless notice board can be used at public places to display important news and notices. The notice board easy to use and is operable at a low voltage of 12V.


CysGen is the community to educate, inspire students to understand issues pertaining to Cyber attacks and Defense measures. This forum was developed to help aspiring and passionate students to work on Cyber security projects and discuss with community members. Currently five faculty members and 42 students (S7 CSE) are enrolled in CysGen

Two day Training on "Ethical Hacking" attend by students of S8 semester (graduated in year 2016) on 26-12-2015 and 27-12-2015

One day Security Meet (Topics covered: Collusion Attack, Ransomware attack, Steganography and Secure Transmission of Text with gnuPG), 2016

MCA Rank Holders

Sachithra Rani.G.S , MCA student of SCMS School of Engineering and Technology, Karukutty bagged the third rank in MG university 2014 MCA Examinations.

Vidya R.V final year MCA student of SCMS School of Engineering and Technology, Karukutty bagged the third rank in M.G University 2015 MCA examination.