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Soft Skills and Personality Development

Our vast experience in the academic field has proved conclusively that it is not enough to provide bookish knowledge alone to help the students survive in this highly competitive world. Students should be capable of communicating effectively. Very often a student with skill in communication with lesser knowledge of the subject will win a competitive situation. This is particularly so in the highly competitive job market. Success in life is dependent up on many factors. Skill in communication is the most important of all. The way one expresses his ideas, the style, diction and the overall confidence with which one conveys his ideas decide success or failure in one’s life. This is particularly so with students who come from rural areas and that too with schooling in Malayalam medium. They too may be planning to go out of Kerala for building a career. They, more than anybody else, need good communication skills to build and sustain a care

Interpersonal Relations is another important quality that ensures success in life. Getting on well with people is an art. Many students are shy to meet others and interact with them on equal terms. They do not have the confidence to face people and situations. Unless this is changed and confidence is infused in them they will become recluses and introverts and finally turn out to be total failure in life.

Building confidence, analysing situations and taking appropriate decisions with courage of conviction etc. are all very important for a successful life. We have been successfully conducting a series of programmes with the help of external experts for our management students and found these extremely useful to them. By the time our MBA students complete the programme they have been found to be consummate public speakers and go-getters capable of facing any complex situation and taking decisions on issues confronting them.

This is a programme beyond the standard curriculum of the university. So the management plans to conduct the programme only if the Parents agree to it. If they agree to this proposal and are willing to meet the expenses we shall go ahead with the programme. We feel it is a must because most of our students are poor communicators and lack confidence in themselves. As this is a matter to be decided by the parents we leave it to them to decide.

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