There is no aspect of modern life which is left untouched by the computer. Be it business, engineering, government, industry, or science, the computer is its lifeline. It enables planning, execution, and updating in all major fields of human activity. Every endeavor worth the name involves intensive use of the computer

The Master of Computer Applications (MCA) programme has been designed to equip the motivated student with all the tools required to apply computer science to practical problems arising in various domains. Gradually, the student develops the expertise needed to start a career in software engineering

SCMS School of Technology and Management (SSTM) offers a MCA programme which goes far beyond the borders defined by the University syllabus. The rigorous teaching and training at SSTM helps students to secure a creditable pass in the examination as well as a challenging job in the ever-expanding software market. SSTM offers a three year /six semester full time master's programme in Computer Applications. The institution is affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University and is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

Our MCA Programme lays special emphasis on (i) developing oral and written communication skills together with fluency in English, and team building and leadership qualities, (ii) imparting hands-on knowledge on computer software, and (iii) cultivating programming, logic and software skills of very high quality. No less importance is given to teaching the theory of computer applications. Students are encouraged to take up a mini project each semester besides the main project in the final semester, as part of their all round academic training

SSTM faculty collaborate with experts from industry in organizing instructional programmes to students in the use of JAVA, .NET, Operating Systems such as AIX, UNIX, LINUX and RDMS like ORACLE and DB2. Experienced hands from outside pay periodical visits to the institution and share their state- of- the- art knowledge with the students and faculty. Not only do they explain the latest trends but also impart motivational and leadership training to the students, enabling them to get placed

Industry - Institution Interaction

As part of the teaching system , we conduct interface sessions periodically called Industry Institution Interface (III) by inviting practicing managers and technical experts from different software and hardware product and ITES and Consulting firms. These lively sessions help students familiarise with problems that a software professional faces and solutions he/she arrives at in real-life situation. The invited industry leaders also help build rapport with students making every session a rewarding experience for both

Placement Cell

Making a career decision is as important as choosing a course. We have a very active body which gives assistance for job preparation and selection. The best of the IT companies today are looking for candidates who posses not only the technical knowledge but also soft skills. The Placement Cell ensures that the students of SSTM also imbibe the right attitude to make them invaluable in a corporate environment. It is geared up to ensure the most opportune placement for all the students:

who have good marks for the regular courses

Are very active in all extra curricular activities

Have cleared all courses at the time of placement

And have attended Personality Development Programmes

The faculty members and external experts meet students collectively and individually - and offer workshops and programmes in areas like job search, preparation for job interviews and salary negotiation. They also oversee and evaluate aptitude tests and mock interviews. The reputation of SCMS helps a lot in campus placement provided you are fit to be selected. It is very important that the students attain a high level of competence to be selected by the recruiters. The students are advised to utilise all the facilities at the campus including the special training offered at SSTM, to develop the skills that are indispensable for a modern software professional

MCA Alumni working at IBM, TCS, WIPRO, INFOSYS, Cape Gemini, IBS, Cognizant Technologies, UST-Global etc…

Rules & Regulations

TUITION FEE : ` 30,000/- per semester is fixed as tuition fee for the MCA course. The fee is payable at the beginning of every semester. Students may also have to pay the fee prescribed by the University. The exact dates for fee payments will be displayed on the Notice Board

CAUTION DEPOSIT : A caution deposit of ` 10,000/- refundable at the end of the Programme after deducting dues if any, to SSTM, should be paid at the time of admission. Those who dropout , do not join or discontinue for any reason at any time will not be eligible for refund of caution deposit

PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME FEE: A sum of Rs. 10,000/- per year is to be paid towards Personality Development Programmes, Library and Internet access, per year along with regular tuition fee to cover part of the expenses

REFUND POLICY: As per the AICTE regulation on fee refund those who withdraw or cancel admission after the commencement of the programme and the seat remaining vacant, will have to pay the balance tuition fee of the programme.

ATTENDANCE : No student shall be allowed to appear for the university examination of a course if he/she has not secured 75 % of attendance for the semester. They will have to repeat the semester later


  • We believe that Discipline is the most important feature of a professional institution and all students are expected to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the institution as announced from time to time . The Manual of Policies also should be strictly adhered to

  • Students are to strictly follow the dress code prescribed for them – formals with shoes on. Male students have to daily shave and will not be allowed to use any type of informal attire at the campus. Female students can come in Churidhars or Sarees only. All students should wear their identity cards inside the campus failing which they will be asked to leave the campus at the risk of loosing the days' attendance

  • Use of mobile phones inside the campus, is banned. The Office will confiscate the mobile phone if found to be in “ON” mode inside the Campus


Ragging in any form is a serious crime under the Indian Laws. Any case of ragging or other released offence will be reported to the police for taking appropriate action. They will also be summarily dismissed from the college.

“SCMS is a secular institution and hence does not encourage religious practices of any particular caste or religion in the Campus.”


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