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The SSTM library is stocked with the best possible information resources required to a manager. SSTM subscribes to many leading journals in the fields of Management, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Management Development, Economics, Business Strategies, Operations Management and Information Technology. Students will also have access to the SCMS library, which also has a vast collection of multimedia CD ROMs and video films on various subjects. The SCMS library in the adjecent building at the SSTM campus also will be accessible to SSTM Students .

The SSTM-MBA library is well stocked with textbooks and reference books. It houses over 3,000 books and over 50+ Journals including foreign journals like Harvard Business Review, Fortune, Business Week and several other top class professional journals. Practicing managers and academicians consider the stock of latest volumes in management as a basic source of information.


The SSTM MCA Library is well equipped with modern facilities and resources in the form of CD-ROM, e-journals , books , Journals, magazines, encyclopedia, complete reference books etc. along with the text and reference books. Library subscribes to many of national and International Journals like Dr. Dobb’s Journal, Linux Journals, Systems Management, International Journal of Computer Science and Software Technology etc.