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Report Of III Dated 3rd January 2017

The III session on 3rd January was graced by the esteemed presence of Ms. Waltraut Ritter. She is the founder of Knowledge Dialogues, Hong Kong. The talk was on the topic “Data Governance in Smart Cities”. She made the talk more interesting by talking about her journey to India, back in 1991 when she had first visited India. This visit was as a part of her wish to see the Kochi Biennale. Ms. Ritter elaborately explained about the Smart City and their features. According to Ms. Ritter, “Smart City is all about better processes, better quality and better life”. She said how the cities are getting datafied, that is., the smart cities are actually datafied cities. Data can be big, small, open or toxic Ms. Ritter also spoke on the present scenario of Korea and Finland where people get free Wi-Fi and transparency in governance with more public participation. She enlightened the students about “Data Governance”. She gave a brief idea about this to the young minds who got more familiarized with the topic As an ending note, Ms. Ritter said how the whole world is getting datafied and that data is growing very fast. It is invisible and now people are “looking at data”. All these are big experiments and one need to wait for the results. The faculty as well as the students of SCMS School of Business grabbed the opportunity to learn more about Data Governance. They showered Ms. Ritter many queries which were readily clarified By Milu S. PGDM B25