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Students Taking Up Project To Improve The Water Distribution In The Irrigation Canal Network

Kudos to students (one MTech and one batch of 4 BTech students) who are on a realtime project to improve the water distribution in the irrigation canal network !!!
Student have started using the German Ultrasonic sensors for measuring the water flow and depth in water bodies like irrigation canals and rivers. It is donated to SCMS Water Institute by NIVUS company Germany( with whom SCMS has a MOU). Seeing the concrete results the Executive Engg Irrigation has given permission to use it in the irrigation canal of Chalakudy River Diversion Scheme. So far Kerala Irrigation Dept is exclusively depending on manual measurements for calculating the flow and this is something new to them.
This sensor is measuring the flow by ultrasonic scanning of water velocity, water level, depth of the water body and quantity of water discharge in the open channels. The measurements are taken along the path of an emitted ultra sound beam by averaging the difference in measured transmit time between the pulses of ultra sound propagating into and against the direction of flow. The most exciting use of this instrument is that we can take all these real time measurements automatically and without human presence. These measurements along with the satellite remote sensing data of the command area will help in exactly estimating demand, supply and deficit for agricultural uses. This can not only improve the distribution in the irrigation canal network but also reduce misuse and over use of irrigation water. It has great significance as our state is going to face the most severe drought in history.