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About the Institute
The world of biotechnology opens up immense opportunity for mankind and his natural habitat. Rooted in cutting edge research, it has the power to take human life to a new high. We need research institutes and educational institutions of world class standards to train and challenge minds to work. Above all we need quality people who are mission oriented and determined to work as a team to further the frontiers of this path breaking science.

Fortunately, SCMS Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology - Research & Development (SIBB-R&D) is a confluence of the three and is promoted by SCMS Group which has a track record for excellence. The laboratory facilities that have been established in the campus at Management House, South Kalamassery in Cochin is one of the finest in the country. All the latest machinery and lab equipments are in place to ensure a state-of-the-art research environment to scientists.

Established with an investment of Rs. 750 lakhs at the SCMS Group's own premises, the facilities are multi functional and multi dimensional. The facilities are open to researchers and students and also students who want to specialize in latest Biotech areas. High quality research leading to production and patenting of Bioproducts, Recombinant proteins, Industrial enzymes, Transgenic crops, Plant Made Pharmaceuticals [PMP] and Nutraceuticals are the domains of SIBB-R&D. A student Customer Service Centre and a Professional Training Centre for Teachers & Researchers are the other attractions of the Institute.
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