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Course Evaluation
Major criteria for maintaining the high academic standard of the courses:
Continuous Module Assessment (CMA)
  CMA includes test papers, seminars, percentage of attendance, class participation, performance, punctuality and overall behaviour on campus of the students.
End Module Assessment (EMA)
  EMA includes theory-oriented examination for 100 marks.
End Semester Practical Exam
  There are practical examinations at the end of each Semester.
Comprehensive Viva Voce for each Semester
  Comprehensive viva will be conducted at the end of each Semester.
High Quality Research Work on Projects
  The last module of the course (module 8) is allotted for project work of the students. Three broad areas of projects identified are Clinical Genomics; Agricultural Genomics; Industrial Genomics. Students can select anyone based on their area of interest.
Open Defense for Thesis Evaluation
  Thesis will be evaluated by a board of external examiners which will be followed by an open defense programme. Diploma will be awarded only to successful candidates.
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