Prof. Pramod P. Thevannoor

The setting up of the SCMS College of Polytechnics is an important landmark in the journey of SCMS Group, towards its mission of reaching top-quality technical education at the grass-roots level. With sister institutions in the Group recognised for their leadership role in the field of higher education in Management, Engineering,Technology, Architecture,Commerce and Biosciences the SCMS College of Polytechnics is also envisaged to attain similar stature in its chosen branches with state-of-the art infrastructure, best-in-class lab and library facilities, high quality faculty support and conducive teaching-learning environment already made available.The SCMS management is committed to achieve excellence in this new initiative as well,which is designed to roll out highly competent,well-trained and job-ready diploma holders for whom there is ever-increasing demand in the country and abroad.

I wish you a very happy life at the SCMS College of Polytechnics.