"As an architect you design for the present with an awareness of the past for a future which is essentially unknown."

Norman Forster

What makes SSA different?

  • Dynamic leadership with a clear vision and mission
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure facilities
  • Excellent academic ambience in green campus environment
  • A highly disciplined work environment for academic pursuits
  • Dedicated and highly motivated team of qualified faculty
  • Wide range of extracurricular activities
  • Academic performance monitoring
  • Open House - Interaction of faculty, parents and students arranged each semester to assess the academic progress and address difficulties of individual students
  • Remedial programmes to improve student performance
  • Initiative to bring out the best in students
  • Value-added courses offered for benefit of students

Equipping students through Internship

Internships are catalysts for change from being a student to becoming a professional. Students undergo extensive training under the supervision of a registered architect. It helps students develop drafting skills, design aesthetic as well as functional buildings, adapt designs to suit budget constraints or client needs, design with building codes and environmental factors in mind, etc. Students learn to engage with clients, consultants, contractors, field staff and workers and work as a team. They get hands on experience in project inception, tendering, estimation, onsite execution, etc.

Architecture internship is for a period of one year (Semester 7 & 8). Guidance sessions are held in making resume and portfolio and an orientation workshop is conducted during semester 6. Students receive an internship manual and guidance from faculty in choosing and applying to Architecture firms/companies based on students area of interest. In the 10th Semester, Career Guidance Sessions are held, to help students build their career.

Students from SSA have interned in well-known national and international firms/companies in sectors like residential, industrial, commercial, interior design, sustainable development, landscape design, green design, urban design and low cost architecture. In addition to districts in Kerala, students have interned in Qatar, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc.

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