"As an architect you design for the present with an awareness of the past for a future which is essentially unknown."

Norman Forster


Manual of Policies

A document detailing the conduct of course, academic work, discipline, rules for availing leave etc. will be made available to the students within fifteen days from the commencement of first year classes.


Strict discipline is enforced right from day one at the College Campus. Any manner of indiscipline will not be tolerated as it is the very opposite of the ideals for which the institution stands committed. Parents should actively co-operate with the management to avoid taking any heart-burning decision by the management for indisciplined behaviour. Our Campus is declared as a ‘NON SMOKING CAMPUS’. Any student who violates this rule will have to pay a fine of Rs.100/- in the first instance and Rs. 250/- on repeating the offence. Thereafter, suitable disciplinary action will be taken as per rules laid down by the College in this respect.


Class timing is from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. on all days except first and second Saturdays and Sundays for first year students. List of other holidays will be displayed on the College Notice Board at the beginning of each calendar year.

Students can be in the Campus on all working days up to 8.00 p.m. to make use of library and computer facilities or to carry out group assignments or projects.


University regulations in the matter of attendance will be strictly enforced. The students should co-operate with the College authorities in the matter and in all other activities aimed at their welfare. No relaxation or concession will be extended by the management.


Apart from the end term university examinations, we follow a system of continuous evaluation for assessment of student performance. Weightage is given for internal assessment based on attendance, class participation, assignments, lab work, conduct on campus, punctuality, utilisation of library and computer centre etc.


  • A student who has secured 75% attendance and 50% marks in Architectural Design will be eligible for promotion to the next higher semester
  • However, before being admitted to the semester VI classes, a student should have passed all the subjects in the combined I & II semester examination in full
  • Similarly, before being admitted to the semester IX classes, a student should have passed the entire subject up to and including V semester examination in full and successfully.


As part of the total discipline at the campus, uniform dress code has been prescribed for all students. Cream colour shirts, black pants, black belt and black shoes for boys and cream top and black bottom are prescribed for girls. All students should wear uniform as above within a fortnight from the day of commencement of the programme. After this date, students who are not in the prescribed uniform will not be permitted to sit in the class.


Challenges of modern times demand innovative systems of teaching and training. In any such good system, parents have a very active role to play. They should always be in touch with the faculty and management of the institution to be in the know of what is happening at the College. We give great emphasis to this aspect as the students who join Architecture Colleges are in their formative years. To mould them as fine human beings and excellent professionals, we need the help of parents.


B.Arch : As specified in the Agreement with the Government of Kerala

Miscellaneous Fee and Caution Deposit : All students are required to make a onetime payment of Rs.100/- as Admission Fee, Rs. 2800/- as Miscellaneous Administration Fee and Rs. 2000/- towards P.T.A., systems related fee of Rs.5,000/- and a Caution Deposit of Rs.10000/- at the time of admissions. Students will have to pay the examination and other fees as prescribed by the M.G. University. The exact dates of fee payments will be displayed on the Notice Board.


All students will be issued identity cards which they should wear all the time they are in the campus. A sum of Rs. 500/- should be paid at the time of enrollment towards cost of identity cards along with stamp size photographs. Non wearing of identity card will attract a fine of Rs.100/-. At the end of the course the card should be returned to the Office, failing which a sum of Rs.1000/- will be realised from them. Replacement of a lost card during the pendency of the course also will attract a fine of Rs. 500/-.


Extract from Government Order on ragging

  • Ragging / any type of misconduct towards any student, either in the college campus or outside, will be considered as criminal offence and will be immediately reported to the police. Perpetrators will not be permitted to continue their studies.
  • Every student shall at the time of admission furnish a character certificate from the institute wherefrom he/she has passed the qualifying examination, which would mention the status of his/her behavioural pattern especially in terms as to whether he/she has displayed persistent violent or aggressive behaviour or any desire to harm others.
  • Students and parents shall, at the time of admission, furnish an affidavit to the effect that the students shall not indulge in ragging

SCMS is a secular institution and hence does not allow religious practices of any particular caste or religion within the Campus.