"As an architect you design for the present with an awareness of the past for a future which is essentially unknown."

Norman Forster

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Motion picture technology workshop


Ar.Prasanth Mohan, an architect by profession and a photographer and cinematographer by passion, has gone to great lengths of research and experimentation to excel at his field. His background in Architecture helped him develop his approach to the work. His firm, The Running Studios, focuses on architectural photography and heritage documentation.  Many of his photographs were published on the archdaily and even on the National Geographic. His works on Cinematography include short films such as “my home”, “a knife in a bar”, etc and films such as  “Anju Sundharikal” and “Jai Ho”. He’s  been working with prominent Architect’s in Kerala such as Lijo Reny architects, Fahad architects, Wall Makers, Zero Studio, Good Earth homes, Ego design studio, RGB architecture studio, Attic Lab, COSTFORD,etc.

The one day workshop conducted for the members of the photography club and elective comprised of two sessions.

The morning session was an introduction to the basics of photography where the terminologies and principles were familiarised.

Ar.Prasanth walked us through the camera gear, demonstrating the basics to using a digital SLR effectively.  Through his own photographs and works, he explained the importance of sun path analysis in photography just as it is significant in architecture. Night photography, light painting and their significance in creative expression in architectural photography were discussed at length. Student’s works that were pinned up was appreciated and complimented on.  

The noon session comprised of various approaches to film making.

He talked about the pre production, production and post production in detail. Many of his cinematography works were shown to the students, following which discussions on the same were held. Through these discussions, he shed light on his thought process and the effort that goes into each sequence. Advanced gadgets such as the PHANTOM drone, rode mic, gopro fusion, zoom recorder, etc. and old cameras were demonstrated and the pros and cons of each were explained. Reminiscing, he talked about the photography lab set up in TKM during his college days which gave him the push to come this far in his career.   

To wrap up the session, he shared his experiences photo documenting Kumbamela, Shajahanabad and Hampi.