"As an architect you design for the present with an awareness of the past for a future which is essentially unknown."

Norman Forster

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Report of Activities held during the lockdown due to COVID19

SCMS School of Architecture during COVID19 Lockdown the fight against the spread of CoronaVirus 

  • Anticipating the lock down SSA School of architecture conducted a Faculty Development Program  introducing the concept of online classes, prior the actual date of lock down.
  • As students would be  missing out on physical classes , SSA has introduced online classes for all subjects, starting  23rd of March .  Students have the possibility to refer to uploaded lectures/ lecture notes  and attend live sessions conducted by SSA faculty as per the regular time table in order to ensure normality under the present circumstances .
  • In the meanwhile SSA has successfully completed the theory sessions and is presently arranging  active revision classes  in order to support the students to face the University theory examinations once the dates are announced.
  • Studios and practical subjects works are being reviewed by the respective teams and creative solutions sought to overcome technical and practical issues faced by students.
  • The guidance for Dissertation and Thesis students was intensified and continues.
  • As Internship students are  also affected through lockdown measures,   SSA is in contact with their respective  offices to ensure that the minimum working period  required as per University Regulation will be met and certified.
  • SSA is also in close contact with the student and parent community through regular updates thru faculty mentors 
  • To ensure students' well being and address their concerns, regular  class coordination meetings are held receiving  feedback from students about issues faced on personal as well as academic levels. The location of students and faculty is also monitored. In addition the class coordinators are in close touch with parents and students, sharing  information about help  lines and  other information received by  higher authorities.
  • In addition to the regular activities, SSA faculty uses the time to update themselves about current developments in academic and practice by attending webinars offered. 

Architectural design master plan discussion

Architectural design master plan discussion

Lecture class by Ar. Remona

Online class on fire prevention in buildings by Ar. Annette Joseph

Correction of working drawing assignment with students over zoom