"As an architect you design for the present with an awareness of the past for a future which is essentially unknown."

Norman Forster

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S4 Study tour ?as part of design studio case study

Date of travel: 16.02.2019 to 24.02.2019
Places visited: Dehradun, Mussorie, Punjab, Chandigarh, Agra and Delhi
No. of students: 38
Faculty in-charge: Ar. Raxshitha Sasikala & Ar, Vipin Wilson
Student in-charge: Ms. Zoya Mohammed Zanoon & Mr. Sujith V. Sudheesh

Day 1 (16.02.2019)

We reached Delhi at the proposed time 10:30am. The student coordinators brief the agenda to the rest of the class. We visited the British council, proceeded to the Connaught place and overnight journey towards Dehradun.

Day 2 (17.02.2019)

After check in, we proceeded to Ganga Maki: weaving institute. Students were brief with details of the project. The case study was documented with sketches. The institute made a presentation of the process of construction and all about weaving. Rishikesh being 6km away from Ganga Maki, students were taken for sightseeing and returned to the hotel by 8pm.

Day 3 (18.02.2019)

Early morning journey to Mussorie, with regards to National Bandh, we were unable to visit most of the places as per itinerary. However, they were taken to Kempty falls and time spent till noon. We proceeded towards Chandigarh, overnight journey.

Day 4 (19.02.2019)

On arrival, students were given time to freshen up. Due to national holiday, we had to make small changes in the itinerary. The forenoon session was spent at Virasat e Khalsa, Punjab, the only project of architect Moshe Safdie in India. Post lunch, students were given the opportunity to explore the planned city and we hauled at sector 16, 17 and 26 to explore further. Overnight stay at Chandigarh.

Day 5 (20.02.2019)

The day was dedicated to visit the works of Le Corbusier. Students had the opportunity to visit the Government Architecture College at Chandigarh. Overnight journey towards Agra.

Day 6 (21.02.2019)

Due to long night journey just after dinner, some of the students fell sick with nausea during the travel. On request, 3 students (Anagha S., Swathi Raveendran and Sreelakshmy Sanjeev) were taken to the hospital by Ar. Raxshitha S. while the rest of the class proceeded to Taj Mahal with Ar. Vipin and the tour agent. While at Taj Mahal, one other student, Anjali Binoy fell sick and was taken to the nearby hospital by Ar. Vipin, while the rest of the class proceeded to Agra Fort along with the tour agent.

Day 7 & 8 (22.02.2019 & 23.02.2019)

Early morning journey to Delhi. We visited all the places listed in the itinerary and the ones missed out on the first day. At Indian Habitat Centre, students had the opportunity to visit the exhibitions on photography and pottery. The students were exposed to guided urban experience of the streets: Chandni Chowk, Palika Bazar. In the evening, Fathima Zian, S4 student fell sick and was taken to the hospital on request and we proceed to the hotel at 10pm on her recovery.

Day 9 (24.02.2019)

Early morning transfer to the airport. Due to transit flight delay, we reached Kochi at 12.30 pm. Some of the students were sent off with their parents, while the others departed to their home town in groups. Students were instructed to be present in college on Monday for regular classes.


Ganga Maki workshop gave them the elaborate idea on spatial arrangement and area statement for their design project.
Students had the opportunity to visit the historic structure that was taught in semester 1, 2 and 3.
They had the opportunity to visit institutional buildings that can be of greater help in the higher semesters.
They were exposed to some of the student works of Government Architecture College, Chandigarh.