PPTH 2023

Admission Hotline

70 347 800 72 ,70 347 800 74

College Code : SCM

+91 484 2882900 , +91 484 2450330

Alumni Overview


SSET maintains an affable relationship with alumni by dedicatedly facilitating alumni chapters and holding alumni meets. During such alumni meets former faculty who are known to the particular batch of students are also invited. Students of SSET have organized alumni associations in all major cities of India. They have been a source of strength to SSET as they are the ones who spread the name of our institution far and wide as a centre of excellence.

A large number of our former students are working in many West Asian Countries. A substantial number is in United Arab Emirates (UAE), particularly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. ASSET is an alumni-socio-cultural organization featuring the pass-outs of SSET residing in U.A.E. It is the first overseas chapter of the SSET with headquarters in Dubai. ASSET was formed on 17th April 2009, within a short span of 4 years from the date of first year pass-outs. This success comes up with the positive attitude and togetherness of all the proud members of the Alumni. Alumni are also invited to deliver talks at the institute and to interact with the existing student clientele. Apart from the gathering the Alumni also aims hands-on charitable services with other associations in U.A.E.

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