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Communication Lab

SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

The lab is capable of conducting various communication & microwave experiments. This lab is equipped with all facilities for conducting analog communication experiments like AM, FM, Mixer, PLL, AGC etc. and digital experiments like ASK, FSK, PSK, PCM etc. The Microwave lab is equipped with four microwave test bench set ups for measuring frequency of a microwave signal, mode characteristics of reflex klystron,standing wave ratio measurement, and VI Characteristics of Gunn Diode. This lab is also equipped with a set up for measuring the radiation pattern of different antennas and also has optical fibre communication kits for conducting analog pulse modulation & digital modulation techniques.


To impart academic excellence and professional competence through innovative projects, research and industry interactions in the field of Electronics.

  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope 21 No.s
  • Function Generator 41 No.s
  • Power supplies 41 No.s
  • Microwave Test Bench Set up 4 No.s
  • Antenna Trainer 1
  • Optical Fibre Communication kits

Faculty - in - Charge :
NITHYA.M, Mobile :9895417917, E-mail-id

Lab - in - Charge:
Renji.P.L, Mobile: 9526784023, E-mail-id:

Digital and Micorprocessors Lab

SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

Digital Electronics lab was set up to give students hands on experience in Digital Electronics experiments. The lab is equipped with Digital trainer kits which is a self-contained trainer including DC power supplies. A breadboard is supplied with the unit to allow easy access for the students to connect and test various digital experiments which includes realization of different combinational circuits including adders, subtractors, multiplexers, decoders. It is capable of realizing sequential circuits including flip-flops, different asynchronous & synchronous counters, Shift registers, counters and displays

Microprocessor lab is equipped with facilities for conducting experiments in 8085 Microprocessor trainer kits. The students perform basic experiments like arithmetic & logical operations. The interfacing of ADC, DAC, Stepper motor etc. with the 8085 are also conducted.


Microprocessor lab

  • 8085 Microprocessor Trainer Kit - 35nos.
  • 8086 Microprocessor Trainer Kit - 2 nos.
  • 2 Channel DAC interface Board - 9 nos
  • 8 Channel ADC interface Board - 4 nos
  • Stepper Motor Controller - 9 nos
  • Traffic Light Controller System - 4 nos
  • Digital Multimeter - 4 nos

Digital Lab

  • Oscilloscope 30MHz/2 Channel Oscilloscope - 1no.
  • Digital IC Tester - 1no
  • Digital / Logic IC Trainer Kit - 35nos.
  • Voltmeter (0-5) V - 9nos
  • Digital Multimeter - 6nos.
  • 25MHz/Two channel Oscilloscope - 1no

Faculty - in - Charge:
Vrinda V. Gopal T., Mobile :9495501274, E-mail-id

Lab - in - Charge:
Smitha Santhosh, Mobile :9846661764, E-mail-id

Electronic Circuits Lab

SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

To mould the students into future professionals, it is important to provide them a hands on experience in various fields of electronics. The Electronic Circuits lab provides all the facilities to meet these requirements. This lab is basically intended to supplement with the theory course of basic electronic circuits and Analog Integrated circuits. The basic experiments conducted in the lab include exploration of basic electronic circuits like rectifiers, different transistor configurations, CE amplifier, Waveform generators and Analog Integrated circuit experiments using op-amp. This lab runs during both the semesters and can accommodate 300 students in each semester


  • Cathode Ray Oscilloscope-22 Nos
  • Function Generator- 29Nos
  • Dual Power supply- 18Nos
  • Single Power Supply- 15 Nos
  • Ammeters of different Ranges - 116 Nos
  • Voltmeters of different ranges- 60 Nos

Faculty - in - Charge:
Retty George , Mobile :9400675425, E-mail-id

Lab - in - Charge:
Jyothylekshmi S, Mobile :9496805905, E-mail-id

Electronics Engineering Workshop

SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

Electronics engineering workshop is the ultimate platform for ECE aspirants as well as any engineering student to experiment various electronic circuits. The lab is well equipped with CRO, function generators to familiarize with various signals. Introduction of passive and active components help the students to identify and design application oriented circuits. Various clipping circuits and wave generation circuits are conducted in order to analyze wave shaping and frequency of signals. Soldering and PCB fabrication process is also familiarized for the students. A brief introduction about EDA tools including PSpice and Robotics is given to enhance their interdisciplinary interest. Students are also provided an environment in designing and setting up simple projects based on the electronic circuits.


  • CRO - 27 Nos
  • Function Generator- 29Nos
  • Power Supply- 15Nos
  • Ammeter- 15 Nos
  • Voltmeter- 15 Nos
  • Multimeter- 14 Nos

Faculty - in - Charge:
PARVATHI R , Mobile :9567117450, E-mail-id

Lab - in - Charge:
LISTY JEEMON, Mobile :8547624987, E-mail-id