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22 May,2020


Webinar on ‘Agile Software Development Methodology’

Ms. Shalini Nair, Senior Program Manager, Infosys Ltd An overview on software development cycle and the transition to Agile software development method.


A technical webinar on “Agile Software Development Methodology” was organized by the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering of SCMS School of Engineering and Technology, Karukutty. Welcome Address was given by Dr. Saira Joseph, Associate Professor and Head, ECE Department. The resource person was Ms.Shalini Nair, Senior Program Manager, Infosys Ltd

The talk mainly characterizes the meanings that are currently associated with the concept of “agile”, and to provide a definition of the agile software development method. The session started with an introduction to the famous “Waterfall Model” which is the earliest SDLC approach that was used for software development. The talk then progressed showing the main difference between waterfall model and Agile Project. This comparison gives an interesting and an enlightening perspective and provides some background for analyzing the agile software development methods. The webinar also highlighted the four values and twelve principles of Agile as provided by Agile Manifesto. Then she explained in detail about the Scrum Agile Methodology.

Students were encouraged to ask questions in between the talk. The target audience was Final Year and third year B. Tech students of Electronics and Communication Engineering stream. The webinar was very informative and useful to all students, specifically final years who are going to hear all these Jargons within a few months. They understood the significance of Agile Project Management in Software technology which is based on continuous improvement, flexibility, productivity of the team, and delivery of products with high quality.

The session was attended by 70 students and 12 faculty members. The one hour session ended up with a vote of thanks by Dr. Saira Joseph, HOD, ECE and a positive feedback from students

The possible learning outcome of the session would be a basic understanding of terms like Agile Methodology, Scrum Master, and some Sprint Terminologies.