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30 May,2020


Webinar on ‘Communication Standards in Avionics’

Ms. Mythili Belle, Embedded Engineering Manager, Honeywell Technology Solutions A session on ground, air-ground, and avionic data sub networks for exchange of digital data to ensure safety in air navigation and air traffic services


A webinar was organized by the Department of Electronics and Communication for the Faculty members, first, second and third year B.Tech students and Final year M.Tech Communication Engineering students as part of the online activities during the lock down period. The webinar session was conducted on 30/5/2020 on the topic ‘Communication Standards in Avionics’ by Ms. Mythili Belle, Embedded Engineering Manager, Honeywell Technology Solutions. The one hour session was conducted on Google Meet Platform.

The session started with an introduction to the basics of Aeronautical Telecommunication Network(ATN), Communication In Avionics And Interfaces. Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (ATN) is a global internetwork architecture that allows ground, air-ground, and avionic data sub networks to exchange digital data for the safety of air navigation and for the regu¬lar, efficient, and economic operation of air traffic services. Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (ATN) ecosystem comprises of Airlines, Air traffic controllers, Service providers, VHF and HF Datalink Communication along with Satellite communication. The key communication interfaces in Avionics enable data transfer between Airborne and Ground Systems in the ATN.

The speaker also gave an insight on SATCOM Scenario, ARINC Standards and Datalink Advances. The Aircraft Communications and Reporting system (ACARS) is a digital datalink system for transmission of short messages between aircraft and ground stations via airband radio or satellite. The ARINC (Aeronautical Radio Incorporated) standards in the session provided an overview of the protocols used by Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) Management Units (MU) and Communications Management Unit (CMU) and Flight Management Computer(FMC).

The speaker gave an overview on FANS CPDLC. Controller Pilot Data Link Communication (CPDLC) is a two-way data-link communication sys¬tem by which controllers can transmit digital text messages to an aircraft as an alternative to voice communica¬tions. Future Air Navigation System (FANS) is an avionics system which provides direct data link communi-cation between the pilot and the air traffic controller. The FANS CPDLC advances play a key role in the future of the ATN in handling the increasing traffic, improved flight efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Videos were shared on ATN and ARINC which made the session interesting.

The students and faculty were encouraged in clarifying their doubts. The speaker also spoke about her graduation and career journey which greatly inspired the students. She also spoke about the career options students have in the field of Avionics. The speaker mentioned that AI and Machine learning in Avionics is an upcoming topic and final year students can take up the topic as their project.

The one hour session ended up with a vote of thanks by Praveena S Kammath, Asst. Professor, ECE and a positive feedback from the Faculty members and students.