PPTH 2023

Admission Hotline

70 347 800 72 ,70 347 800 74

College Code : SCM

+91 484 2882900 , +91 484 2450330


Genesis, Mission & Vision


SCMS Water Institute was formed in 2010 in order to address the water related environmental problems affecting the society. Since water is one of the most important resource limitations of the century, it was the commitment from the SCMS Group of Educational Institutions to establish a research and consultancy centre on water for its effective management and sustainable development. The institute was initially named as Centre for Sustainable Water Technology & Management (CSWTM) which got renamed to SCMS Water Institute (SWI) in 2014.


To become a globally recognized resource centre on water with a focus on knowledge creation and transfer to address multifarious needs and challenges faced by India.


To address the water related issues through multidisciplinary efforts in order to achieve a sustainable and secure water future. SCMS Water Institute accomplishes its mission through research and development, technology incubation and application, education and training, demand driven consultancy and networking.

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