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Project Underway / Current Activities

Development of Water Policy for Kochi City

In a joint initiative with the Cochin Municipal Corporation, SCMS Water Institute will develop a water policy for the city. The policy will be developed under the purview of National and State Water Policies. This water policy would be the first ever initiative of this nature launched by any corporation in the country. Recently announced corporation budget has earmarked the necessary funds for the project. The water policy being developed is anticipated to assist Kochi Corporation to improve its delivery mechanism and to coordinate and integrate water related services to the community

Development of cost effective and appropriate iron removal technology for Kerala conditions

The project aims to develop an upflow adsorption filtration unit for iron removal from groundwater with minimum energy usage and in a cost effective manner compared to other conventional technologies. The proposed technology will be affordable to the low income groups who face water scarcity problems in the state due to heavy metal contamination

Optimization of Automated Bio monitoring to Indian Conditions

Automated bio monitoring using the LimCo biosensors is the assessment of water quality using miniature aquatic organisms with the help of impedence spectroscopy. As per the MoU of SWI with LimCo, this instrument and the concept of impedence spectroscopy will be introduced to the Indian conditions for analyzing water quality in rivers, aqua culture fields and water treatment plants.

Fate of Contaminants In The Process Of Desalination With Electrodialysis

The project aims at the utilisation of the unused but abundantly available backwater source to quench the thirst of Kochi. The scope of the present study is on the fate of pesticides and heavy metal contaminants, which are found in the backwaters, along with an economic desalination of the brackish water from backwaters of Kochi through the method of Electrodialysis.

Satellite remote sensing of salinity fluctuations in Kochi estuary

Project aims to study the existing algorithms to retrieve salinity through satellite remote sensing. The study will establish a relationship between the salinity and Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) in the estuary and CDOM will be used as a surrogate for satellite mapping of seasonal salinity fluctuations in the Cochin Estuary.

Development of a biological anti-foaming agent for application in waste water treatment plants

The objective of the project is to detect and identify filamentous bacteria which are responsible for the foam in aerobic effluent treatment process. Their remediation by Bacteriophage method will be explored.