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SSET Grievance Redressal Committee

Grievance Redressal Committee at SSET has been constituted as per the AICTE notification F. No. AICTE/PG/2012/20/SRO/06/1143, dated 25-07-2012, with the objective of resolving the grievances of students, parents and others. The committee comprises of following members:


  • Dr. Venu P , Dean - Student Affairs


  • Ms. Sanju Sreedharan, Associate Professor, CE
  • Ms. Divya Nath. K., Assistant Professor, EE
  • Ms. Sreeja.K. A., Assistant Professor, EC
  • Mr. Aravind.P. V, Assistant Professor, AU
  • Mr. Francis Thomas , Assistant Professor, ME
  • Ms. Sindhya. K. Nambiar, Assistant Professor, CS
  • Ms. Jesna K. Sebastain, Assistant Professor, BS&H
  • Ms. Susmi Jacob, Assistant Professor, CS