Anti Ragging

The Anti-Ragging Committee at SSTM consists of the Principal, Vice Principal, Heads of Department, one faculty member and two student representatives from each department.

Ragging is totally prohibited in the institution. If anyone indulges in ragging, he/she will be handed over to the police and the law will take its course. Students are therefore, requested to refrain from indulging in any kind of ragging.

The measures taken by the committee include:

  • Circulating the Supreme Court order regarding the legal actions on reports of ragging.
  • Display of anti-ragging notices on notice boards of the College and the hostels.
  • Orienting freshers and their parents on reporting instances of ragging and on their rights and privileges.
  • Conducting sessions to make the students aware about the impact and periodical announcements highlighting the consequences of ragging.

Anti-Ragging Committee helps in maintaining a ragging-free campus so that students enjoy their stay in the campus. The college can proudly say that there has been no ragging incident in the past few years.

The committee members are vigilant at any point of time and they are watchful particularly at trigger points like canteen, restrooms and hostel. Committee members are posted during breaks at the trigger points to ensure there is no ragging. The students are made aware of the Anti-Ragging Committee and its policies and whom to approach in case of them being a witness, during the Orientation as a first year student.

Email :

Faculty Representative Student Representative
Mr. Sathesh C.S. Mr.Vivek T. P
Mr. Praveen Kamath Mr. Laz
Dr. Harish M Ms.Tanvi Kottat
Mr. Arunkumar Mr. Ken.P.J
Dr.Mohan Ms.Rahila rahman

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