Corporate Theatre:

A workshop conducted for MBA batch 15 on 26th and 27th July 2018. This workshop was conducted by our Alumni, Mr. Arun Antony, with a brief introduction regarding how theatrical training could enrich management students and help them benefit. The entire session involved a series of activities. The integration of theatre with management and communication is an out-of-the-box concept that needs to be experienced and undergone. The two-day sessions started with a brief introduction to the training session by the trainer Mr. Arun Antony. The two concepts viz., theater and management were explained to the students to make them understand the relationships between the two. Various activities were given to the students namely; an ice-breaking session which involved the participants standing in a circle and introduce themselves by spontaneously shouting out the biggest attribute to their character along with the participant’s name. The peculiarity of this session was that the participants had to be seated on the floor, which had everyone on the same level. The next session was to improve their visualization skill, test on interpersonal trust between two participants, the different ways of communication, passive, aggressive and assertive, the management game to communicate with a physical gesture to direct the succeeding participants in the group, a small dance session to explain the self – expression can reduce stress and a final session on to play a skit on a one-word theme given to participants.

All the teams brought out very good ideas and conveyed clear messages. The best performing teams were awarded prizes and the students gave good feedback on the sessions which was filled with fun and good learning experiences which were visible with their capability to express their self to play a big role in the process of communication.

Digital Marketing Campaign.

The aim of Digital Marketing Campaign is to encourage the students to take up socially relevant activities. The students were divided into small groups of 10 from each class. The groups were given two months to run a campaign offline and online on a socially relevant topic. They had to simultaneously conduct activities related to their topic both inside and outside the institution. The learning outcome from such activities are that students learned how to plan, execute and monitor digital marketing campaigns along with curriculum-based learning. They also get the exposure towards understanding the value of interacting with society and to become socially responsible citizens.

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