The Student Wellfare Committee at SSTM was established with the purpose to empower the SC/ST , OBC and Minority students. This Cell has been set up in the college to ensure proper implementation of various schemes of UGC, Government of India and State Govt. concerning scholarships, stipends etc. for welfare of reserved categories.


Student Wellfare Committee has been created in the college to resolve all the affairs and problems related to the Student Wellfare Committee of the college.

Following are the objectives of OBC Cell:

  • To educate and empower the students and staff of SC/ST , OBC and Minority categories in the college to make use of the facilities extended by the Govt. and other agencies for their educational & occupational career.
  • To implement and monitor continuously the reservation policy and measures for ensuring effective implementation of the policy and programmes of the Government of India and UGC.
  • To collect data regarding the implementation of the policies in respect of admissions, appointments to teaching and non-teaching positions in the college and analyse the data showing the trends and changes towards fulfilling the required quota.

Functions of the SC/ST, OBC and Minority Cell:

  • All affairs related to SC/ST , OBC and Minority students.
  • To aware the SC/ST , OBC and Minority students regarding various scholarships program of State Government and UGC.
  • To take such follow up measures for achieving the objectives and targets laid down for the purpose by the Government of India and the UGC.
  • To collect reports and information of State Government and UGC’s orders on various aspects of education, employment of SC/ST , OBC and Minority Students.
  • To circulate State Government and UGC’s decisions about different scholarship programs.
  • To function as a Grievances Redress Cell for the grievances of OBC students and staff of the college and render them necessary help in solving their academic, research as well as administrative problems.

Special Cell for the welfare of SC/ST, OBC and Minority

In charge : Dr. Sherin Mariam Alex (, Mobile: 9645538480)

Member : Dr.Sethulakshmy ( Mobile: 9446373975)

Student Welfare Committee
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