Dr. G.P.C. Nayar


I am very happy to welcome you all to the MBA programme, which we organise the way we do the PGDM programme of SCMS. The same quality, the same standard and the same facilities will be extended to our students at SSTM too. Quality education is very expensive. IITs and IIMs are world-class institutions because they invest heavily every year to maintain the high quality level education.SSTM is no different

SCMS Group has become a reputed leader in business education on par with IIMs only because of heavy investment in facilities that are world class

At SSTM you get excellent education and very good placement, provided you are committed to the tasks undertaken. Then only you will become selectable. No corporation will select a candidate unless he is fit to be selected. So placement is dependent on you rather than the institution, which can only be a facilitator. Bear this in mind always. I wish you a very happy life at SSTM

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