Dr.Sethulekshmy Nair

Deputy Director




Educational Qualifications

  • PhD Animal Biotechnology Indian Veterinary Research Institute , Barreilly, UP
  • MVSc Animal Biotechnology Indian Veterinary Research Institute , Barreilly, UP
  • BVSc&AH Veterinary Sciences and Kerala Veterinary College
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Start with highest qualification till UG

Employment History

  • Joined SCMS School of Technology & Management on 2017 August 2
  • Editor at Cactus Global Inc 2015-2017
  • Scientist at University of Minnesota 2007-2014
  • Post doctoral Research associate at City of Hope National Medical centre CA 2001-2006

Key Responsibilities Held

Responsibilities held at SCMS

  • Faculty in Charge for MSc papers, Overall super vision of BSc academic activities. Fostering Upcoming research projects (currently working on generating funds towards that). Administrative activities include supervision of purchase and other office activities

Responsibilities held at previous institutions

  • Planning and execution of projects (translational research projects in vascular biology ) , as group leader and team member
  • Analysis, Interpretation and publication of results along with the group leaders and collaborators
  • Teaching molecular biology techniques and allied theory to medical students to enable them take up research projects.
  • Formulating successful grant applications, submitting the grant applications to external funding agencies and obtaining research funds
  • Managing and supervising the research operations to abide to essential regulatory guidelines

Teaching Interests

  • Considers education to be a lifelong process and the philosophy of life in itself. Interested to teach basics of genetics to advances in molecular and cell biology in a thought stimulating manner. Owing to clinical and biotechnology background, keen to relate the basic process to application and induce the spirit of research

Research Interests

  • Focus in translational research on cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and diseases of genetic and or epigenetic origin. This includes cell based therapies for vascular diseases, formulation of wound healing (diabetic wound in focus) using indigenous plant principles. Epidemiological research in genetic diseases and cancer leading to specific diagnostic methods


International publications

  • Gopalakrishna,,S, Gusti,, V, Nair, S, Sahar, S and Gaur, R.K (2004), Template Dependant Incorporation of 8 N3AMP into RNA with bactereophage T7 RNA polymerase, RNA, 11,1820-1830. (The first three authors have equal contribution to this work)
  • Nair, S, Sajja, S , Milbauer, L C, Hebbel, RP and Somani, A (2008).Rat Blood out Growth Cells as a Prospective Vehicle for Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase Gene Therapy, Molecular Therapy, 16, Supplement 1, pS107
  • Lund, TC, Glass, TJ, Somani, A, Nair, S, Tolar, J, Nyquist M, Patrinostro, X and Blazar, BR(2011) Zebrafish Stromal Cells have Endothelial Properties and Support Hematopoietic Cells, Jan2012,Journal of Experimental Hematology, 40(1)61-70
  • Swarnalatha B, Nair S, Shalumon KT, Milbauer R, Jayakumar R, Bindhu Paul-Prasanth,Menon KK, Hebbel RP,Somani A, Nair SV. Poly-Lactic Acid-Chitosan-Collagen composite nanofibrous scaffolds serve as functional substrates for blood outgrowth endothelial cells, May 2013 International Journal of Biological Macromolecules ; 58 (2013)220-224 . (The first two authors have equal contributrion to this study)
  • National publications NA

Paper Presentations


  • Nair S, Tiwari AK, Kataria, RS and Kumar S; “Pro apoptotic Role of VP5 of IBD Virus”, International Conference of Molecular Epidemiology and Evolutionary Genetics of Infectious Diseases, Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnosis, Hyderabad, India – November 2000
  • Gopalakrishna S, Gusti V, Nair S, Sahar S and Gaur RK, Template Dependent Incorporation of 8 N3AMP into RNA with bacteriophage T7 RNA polymerase, Annual meeting of the RNA society, Madison, Wisconsin , 2004 May
  • Ahmann K, Nair S, Somani A, Hebbel RP, and Tranquillo RT “Blood Outgrowth Endothelial Cells in Vascular Tissue Engineering “.Engineering stem cells, A symposium to bridge science and engineering in stem cell research, Stem Cell Institute, University of Minnesota, Institute of Technology, April 2008
  • Nair S, Sajja S , Milbauer L C, Hebbel RP and Somani A ;“Rat Blood out Growth Cells as a Prospective Vehicle for Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase Gene Therapy”, American Society of Gene Therapy Annual Conference, June 2008, Boston.
  • Somani A, Nair S, Milbauer LC, Sajja S, Solovey A and Hebbel RP ; “Blood Outgrowth Endothelial Cell Based eNOS Gene Therapy Prevents Monocrotaline Induced Pulmonary Hypertension in Rats”, American Thoracic Society International Conference San Diego May 2009
  • Belcher JD, Nguyen J, Chen C, Smith A, Alayash A, Nair S, Somani A ,Hebbel RP, and Vercellotti GM. “Plasma Hemoglobin and Heme Trigger Weibel Palade Body Exocytosis and vaso occlusion in Transgenic Sickle Mice”. Presented at the Annual Conference of American Society of Hematology August 2011
  • Hozayen S, Somani A, Nair S, Dengel D, John R, Hamel A, Eckman. “Plasma NOx decreases following continuous flow left ventricular assist device despite lack of change in shear stress”. Abstract presented in International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation (ISHLT) 32nd annual Meeting, Prague, Czech Republic Aug 2012.
  • Swarnalatha B, Kumar PTS, Jayakumar R, B. Paul-Prasanth B, Nair S,Somani A, Nair SV “Assessment of chitosan-fibrin composite scaffold In regenerative medicine”, International Nano biomedicine conference, Feb 21-23, 2012, Amrita Institute of Nano sciences, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, India.
  • Nair S and Somani A “Cell based therapies in molecular medicine” Invited lecture presented at International Nano biomedicine conference Feb 21-23, 2012, Amrita Institute of Nano sciences, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, India.
  • National NA

Conferences/seminars/workshops attended

  • Workshop on Attended Seminars conducted by ICMR for the dissemination of latest guidelines in Biosafety and Bioethics in Stem cell and Molecular Biology research, 22/2/2018

Membership in any professional bodies

  • American Society of Gene and Cell therapy (ASGCT).
  • Regulatory affairs Personals Society (RAPS), currently working towards RAPS certification.
  • Toast Masters International. Currently entitled as a “Competent Communicator”