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A Workshop on Interpersonal Relationships @ SCMS on October 26, 2018

FIRO B is an Instrument originated from the need to understand and predict how high-performance military teams would work together, later modified to be used in the context of Human Relations Management.

Interpersonal skills have been found to be essential for personal effectiveness across situations – both professional and social. The significance of interpersonal relations in formal organizations was also established by the Hawthorne studies, where morale and productivity in the work group continued to increase even after the improved working conditions were restored to their original level. This phenomenon of increased effectiveness was found to have resulted from the changed nature of the interpersonal relationship between the supervisors and the workers. Again, of the three broad skills essential for managerial effectiveness, the need for the human skill was found to be constant across all levels of management, while the need for the technical and conceptual skills, by and large, varied across the organizational levels.

While the FIRO-based Human Element training deals with interpersonal relations comprehensively at the three levels of self-concept, beliefs/feelings and behavior in a three-to-five-day workshop, we shall only focus on the behavioral level in this one day -workshop. You can, by earnest involvement, look forward to personal insights, besides acquiring familiarity with the FIRO theory and the Element-B instrument.

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