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Courses Offered Online through the LMS during COVID19 Lockdown at SSET

(March – April 2020)
The current pandemic caused by the widespread outbreak of COVID-19, has presented an unprecedented and enormous challenge to human communities across the globe. As is the case of other sectors, Government has been also forced to temporarily close educational institutions in an attempt to contain the spread of the COVID-19 affecting the student population at large. The only way out to facilitate continuity of education is to embrace remote learning.
As always, Faculty members of SSET driven by a strong sense of commitment have succeeded in their effort to facilitate continued learning of all our students through alternative channels. Their tireless efforts to ensure a more positive approach towards virtual learning are indeed very challenging. Educational applications, platforms and resources are being utilized to enhance and enrich the learning experience of students as well as to maintain continued interaction with our stakeholders. Digital learning management systems, collaboration platforms that support live-video communication, tools for teachers to create of digital learning content, systems built for use on basic mobile phones, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platforms, self-directed learning content, external repositories of distance learning solutions all are being utilized to enhance and enrich the teaching learning experience by students and faculty alike. Online platforms like Google Hangouts Meet, Google Classroom, Microsoft Team, WebEx, Zoom etc. are being utilized to reach out to our students for effective distant learning. By remotely reaching out our students we ensure effective and uninterrupted knowledge sharing, conduct of tutorial classes, assessments, evaluation of projects/mini projects, Association activities, Industry Institute Interactions, mentoring and also psychological counseling.
An umpteen series of webinars have also been conducted where students get a medium to interact with the stalwarts from Academia and Industry. Live Talks on Industrial experiences from our own alumni augment their learning experience. 

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Google classroom to upload lecture notes, PowerPoint presentations with narrations, video lectures

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