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Glimpse of Workshop on ‘Introduction to Yii 2.0 PHP Framework


The Innovative Software Cell ,Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SSET in association with Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) of SCMS School of  Engineering and Technology has organised a two Workshop on ‘’ Introduction to Yii 2.0 (PHP-Framework)’’ for students of SSET on November 9 & 10, 2017, at Karukutty campus 

Program Objective:

The workshop has designed in such a way that participants (45 students of SSET) got familiarised with HTML , CSS, J avaScript, PHP, got hands-on experience to in developing a website & got exposure to Yii framework.


Ms.Thara  Mohanan , Nestsoft  Pvt Ltd

Mr Vaishakh VN ,Pinetech Pvt Ltd

Program Coordinator:

Mrs Jency Rena, Assistant Professor, CSE

Mrs Nimmi K, Assistant Professor, CSE

Mrs Sreeja Rajesh, Assistant Professor,CSE

Student coordinator:

Mr A Anand ( 7 CSE)

Mr Sahahansh K ( 7 CSE)

Mr Antony Leons ( 7 CSE)

Mr Anwar Shanib ( 7 CSE)

November 9th 2017, Thursday, 09.30 am

Theme Address

Ms. Sonal Ayappan, HOD, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SSET, delivered the welcome speech and presented the theme address

November 9th , 2017, Thursday, 9.45.00 am - 04.15 pm

Theme Address

Mr Vaishakh VN ,Pinetech Pvt Ltd handled various sessions such as

  • Introduction to HTML
    • HTML Tags
    • HTML Documents
    • HTML Headings
    • HTML Paragraphs
    • HTML Images
    • HTML Attributes, HTML Tables and HTML Lists
    • HTML Forms

  • Get started with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
    • Attaching a CSS file
    • Embedding style sheets:
    • CSS properties for colors
    • CSS properties for fonts
    • CSS properties for text
    • The list-style-type property
    • background-image
    • The Box Model

  • Introduction to JavaScript
    • Attaching a CSS file
    • How to Put a JavaScript Into an HTML Page?
    • JavaScript in External File
    • JavaScript Variables
    • JavaScript Operators
    • JavaScript Popup Boxes
    • Conditional Statements
    • Loop Statements
    • Events, String Functions and Array Functions

November 10th 2017, Monday , 9.30 am – 1.00 pm

Ms.Thara Mohanan ,Nestsoft Pvt Ltd handled sessions such as

  • Introduction to PHP
    • Installation of PHP, Syntax, Variables, Echo / Print
    • PHP - Array Functions
    • PHP – Strings
    • PHP – Strings
    • PHP – Cookies
    • PHP Errors
    • MySql Connection
    • Query used in MySQL

  • PHP Forms
    • PHP Form Handling
    • PHP Form Validation
    • PHP Form Required
    • PHP Form URL/E-mail
    • PHP Form Complete

November 10th 2017, Thursday, 1.00 pm

Mr VAISHAKH VN ,Pinetech Pvt Ltd engaged various sessions such as

  • Introduction to Yii Application Structure.
    • Entry Scripts
    • Application Components
    • Controllers
    • Models
    • Views
    • Modules
    • Filters
    • Widgets
    • Assets
    • Extension
  • Running Applications
  • Creating A Simple Yii Application

November 10, 2017, Friday, 4.00 pm – 4.30 pm

Valedictory function and Certificate distribution

Welcome speech was delivered by Ms. Sreeja Rajesh, Asst Professor, CSE,SSET and Program Coordinator of the workshop.

Dr. Praveensal C J (Vice Principal – SSET) shared his views on ‘web development workshops’ and distributed certificates to the participants

Ms. Sonal Ayappan, HOD, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SSET, shared her thoughts regarding the workshop and distributed the certificates to volunteers.

Dr. Manoj Kumar B, Nodal Officer, IEDC , addressed students about the relevant job opportunities for the web designers and congratulated the students for their interest in the workshop, He honoured the resource persons Mr. Vaishakh V N ,Project Developer of Pinetech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Koratty and Ms. Thara Mohanan, Project Leader, Nestsoft Pvt. Ltd., Ernakulam.

Mr Jyothis Thomas gave feedback of the workshop he added that this workshop have given him a spark of knowledge and he will be utilize it well.

Mr. Vaishak V N and Ms. Thara Mohanan distributed the prizes for Best Web Page Design Competition Winners Malavika Prakash (First Prize) and Neeraj Titus T (Second Prize) .

Ms. Nimmi K, Asst Professor, CSE,SSET and Program Coordinator of Workshop proposed vote of thanks.