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6th Biennial

International Conference on - AGING WELL (ICAW 2024)

Conscious Aging : Exploring the Concept of Self-Worth among the Elderly

5th and 6th January, 2024




Conscious Aging: Living with Independence & Purpose

Population Aging is a global phenomenon resulting from the demographic transition towards longer lives and smaller families. The UN General Assembly declared 2021–2030 the Decade of Healthy Aging. Every person in every country in the world should have the opportunity to live a long healthy life with dignity & self -esteem. This conference emphasizes on viewing growing older as a life stage with purpose, vitality, and meaning of its own.


Aging is not an event. There is no particular age at which we become “old”, Rather aging is a process that happens across our lifespan. Surveys reveal that the majority of people over 50 feel that they don’t feel old & they would be old not until 80. Life is changing yet, social norms & policymakers are slow to catch up. People at 50 or 60 do not signify someone with ailing health who cannot learn a new skill or offer valuable advice. “Old” is merely a stereotype & individuals age differently. Society should move on from stereotyped views that condition our perception of chronological age. Further recognizing & respecting the inherent dignity of people of all ages is the primary goal shared by societies around the world. How do we address the collective needs of the aging popula- tion while respecting each person’s individuality??
ICAW- 2024 offers an ideal forum for Researchers, Scholars, Practitioners, and Service providers to discuss the issues relating to aging & gerontology and empower people with their deep knowledge. This 2-day conference is geared towards a wide audience, aiming to explore the key issues facing older adults & their families & it would appeal to any individual who wants to learn more about how to plan for a “good life” as they & their families plan for a healthier & longer life. Submissions from multiple domains and varied perspectives are welcomed and encouraged.