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6th Biennial

International Conference on - AGING WELL (ICAW 2024)

Conscious Aging : Exploring the Concept of Self-Worth among the Elderly

5th and 6th January, 2024





Aging is not an event. There is no particular age at which we become “old”, Rather aging is a process that happens across our lifespan. Surveys reveal that the majority of people over 50 feel that they don’t feel old & they would be old not until 80. Life is changing yet, social norms & policymakers are slow to catch up. People at 50 or 60 do not signify someone with ailing health who cannot learn a new skill or offer valuable advice. “Old” is merely a stereotype & individuals age differently. Society should move on from stereotyped views that condition our perception of chronological age. Further recognizing & respecting the inherent dignity of people of all ages is the primary goal shared by societies around the world. How do we address the collective needs of the aging popula- tion while respecting each person’s individuality?? ICAW- 2024 offers an ideal forum for Researchers, Scholars, Practitioners, and Service providers to discuss the issues relating to aging & gerontology and empower people with their deep knowledge. This 2-day conference is geared towards a wide audience, aiming to explore the key issues facing older adults & their families & it would appeal to any individual who wants to learn more about how to plan for a “good life” as they & their families plan for a healthier & longer life. Submissions from multiple domains and varied perspectives are welcomed and encouraged.

Host Institution - SCMS

SCMS Group of Educational Institutions is a national leader in higher education, especially in Management, Engineering, and Technology. Inspired by its founder Dr. G.P.C Nayar’s vision on value-based education, SCMS has a tradition of over 4 decades of sustained and focused pursuit of its objectives. There are about a dozen Institutions under its fold in diverse disciplines like Management, Engineering, Biotechnology, Architecture, Computer Applications, Polytechnics, and the like, operating from different locations in Kochi (Cochin) , Kerala, India

Themes for ICAW- 2024 include

Theme 1 :- Geriatrics & Gerontology

  • Food and nutrition needs for the aging population.
  • Medical Perspectives on Aging, Health, Wellness
  • Management of chronic or age-related disease.
  • Brain function & Cognition
  • Family Structure, Relationships, and Responsibilities
  • Spirituality, religious involvement, and mortality
  • Sexuality & intimacy to fight oddities of aging
  • Aesthetics & Rejuvenation

Theme 2 :- Public Policy and Community Support

  • TCommunity Care System
  • Defining and protecting the human rights of older people
  • Civic engagement and volunteerism for the aged
  • Securing for the future- Income security for elderly
  • Age-friendly design for accessibility-initiatives for the public built environment

Theme 3 : - Information Technology and Management

  • The biology and physiology of aging
  • Food and nutrition needs
  • Brain function and cognition
  • Management of chronic age related disease
  • Regenerative and anti aging interventions
  • Genetics and aging
  • Medications, dietary supplements