4th Biennial

International Conference on - AGING WELL (ICAW 2020)

"Quality of Life - An Elderly Perspective"

SCMS-COCHIN,Kerala,India | Jan 3rd & 4th 2020

ICAW - International Conference on Aging Well

Scope of the Conference

SCMS is proudly hosting the ICWA (2020), 4th series of its kind in partnership with IMA & Help Age India. ICAW is an unceasing initiative to enhance the Quality of Life of the aged. There are innumerable challenges that the elders have to suffer. To name a few are Mobility disability, Cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s, Depression and Cardio vascular diseases. This platform provides an opportunity to drive ideas & solutions addressing both these biological & psychological issues associated with longevity. With this motto, we embrace professionals from both Geriatrics and Gerontology who can collaborate to alleviate the problems accompanying senescence


SCMS Group of Educational Institutions is a national leader in higher education especially in the fields of Management, Engineering and Technology. Inspired by the vision of its founder Dr. G.P.C Nayar on value based education, SCMS has a tradition of over 4 decades of sustained and focused pursuit of its objectives. There are about a dozen Institutions under its fold in diverse disciplines like Management, Engineering, Biotechnology, Architecture, Computer Applications, Polytechnics and the like, operating from different locations in Kochi (Cochin) , Kerala, India


Theme 1:Geriatrics

  • The biology and physiology of aging
  • Food and nutrition needs
  • Brain function and cognition
  • Management of chronic age-related disease
  • Regenerative and anti aging interventions
  • Genetics and aging
  • Medications, dietary supplements

Theme 2: Geronotology

  • The societal impact of aging
  • Social support and networks
  • Family structure, relationships, and responsibilities
  • Spirituality, religious involvement, and mortality
  • Changes in consumption, income & assets
  • Taxation, welfare & social security
  • Aesthetics & rejuvenation

Theme 3: Gerento management

  • Economic status & the well being
  • Demand & cost of health care
  • Lifestyles of the aged
  • Managing older work force
  • Retirement and care facilities
  • Financial Longevity
  • Products designed for the aged

Theme 4: Public Policies

  • Public health policies related to the aged
  • Protecting the human rights of older people
  • Legal issues for older people
  • Design for the public built environment
  • Community programs
  • Physical, social & mental well being initiatives
  • Government economic policies

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