Campus Life

Welcome to the SCMS Neighborhood

Nestled in a thriving neighborhood, the campuses of SCMS Group of Educational Institutions offer an ideal environment for learning and personal development. Surrounded by lush greenery and modern amenities, the campuses provide a serene and conducive atmosphere for academic pursuits. The neighborhood itself is known for its safe and friendly environment, with easy access to transportation, restaurants, shopping centers, and recreational facilities, ensuring a convenient and enriching student experience.

Campus Environment

Experience a vibrant and dynamic campus life at SCMS Group of Educational Institutions. Our campuses are bustling with energy, providing a perfect blend of academic pursuits, extracurricular activities, and opportunities for personal growth. From engaging student clubs and organizations to sports events and cultural festivals, there is always something exciting happening on campus to foster connections, create lasting memories, and develop well-rounded individuals. 

Immerse yourself in SCMS Group of Educational Institutions’ campus environment, where lush greenery and nature-friendly practices create a serene and inspiring atmosphere. Our campuses are meticulously designed to incorporate abundant green spaces, creating a harmonious coexistence with nature. Experience a truly rejuvenating and sustainable educational environment that nurtures both academic excellence and a deep connection with the natural world. 

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Housing & Dining

Separate hostels for men and women are available in the campus. The Men’s Hostels can accommodate 489 students and the women Hostel can accommodate 390 students. There is a separate hostel for first year men inside the campus. Security personnel have been deployed at the hostels round the clock.

Arts, Cultural & Athletics

Experience a vibrant tapestry of arts, culture, and athletics at SCMS Group of Educational Institutions. Our campuses provide a thriving platform for artistic expression, showcasing diverse talents through exhibitions, performances, and cultural events. Engage in a wide array of athletic activities and sports competitions, fostering teamwork, discipline, and a healthy lifestyle. Immerse yourself in a dynamic atmosphere that celebrates creativity, cultural diversity, and physical well-being.

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Health Center

At SCMS Group, we prioritize the well-being of our students and faculty. That’s why we have a dedicated Health Center on campus, ensuring that healthcare is easily accessible to everyone. Our experienced medical professionals are committed to providing comprehensive healthcare services, including preventive care, routine check-ups, and treatment for minor illnesses and injuries. With a focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle and fostering well-being, our Health Center is here to support and care for your physical and mental health needs throughout your educational journey. Your health and happiness are our top priorities, and we strive to create a safe and nurturing environment for all members of our campus community.