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Weaving modern innovation with historical wisdom for a timeless architectural future.

About Us

Welcome to SCMS Architecture – where heritage is reimagined through innovative design. We are an extension of the prestigious SCMS Group, renowned for delivering exceptional architectural education. Can you imagine shaping the skyline of tomorrow? If so, you’ve found your place. 

At SCMS, we transform aspiring minds into visionary architects capable of painting the town with their imagination. Embrace the opportunity to explore architecture in its most profound sense, with us. Have you ever dreamt of converting a blank canvas into an architectural masterpiece? Or perhaps you’ve envisioned creating sustainable communities that marry functionality with aesthetics? At SCMS Architecture, you can turn your dreams into reality. 

Join us on this dynamic journey of discovery and experience the thrill of pushing the boundaries of architectural design. Let’s shape the future together, at SCMS Architecture.

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Discover the World of Architecture, our B.Arch program spans a transformative 5-year journey, meticulously designed and recognized by the Council of Architecture, New Delhi. Also proudly affiliated with M.G. University, Kottayam, we offer an educational experience that blends creativity with practical knowledge.

Affiliations & Accreditations

Mahatma Gandhi University

Council Of Architecture (COA)

Indian Institute Of Architects (IIA) Member


UNAI Member

National Service Scheme

World Class Facilities

Explore inspiring learning environments featuring advanced studios and laboratories, complemented by resource-rich libraries, all dedicated to empowering your creative journey.

Student Life

 A vibrant campus life fostering creativity, collaboration and personal growth through diverse extracurricular activities.



SCMS Group of Educational Institutions is a national leader in higher education especially in the fields of Management, Engineering and Technology and now evolving in architectural excellence.


We aim to empower students with creativity and critical thinking, equipping them to shape a future that transforms the field of architecture.

SCMS Group

The foundation has sponsored several world class professional institutions under the SCMS umbrella and it is referred to as SCMS Group. The SCMS Group offers post-graduate and diploma courses in management, engineering, research, consultancy and training.

Join us at SCMS Architecture, where your journey to architect a brighter future begins!

Become part of the vibrant learning community at SCMS Architecture, where your aspirations of becoming a visionary architect begin to take shape.


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