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Brief about SCMS Institute for Road Safety and Transportation

SCMS Institute forRoad Safety and Transportation (SiRST) was formed in 2023 in order to address the growing rate of accidents and fatalities on the road. SiRSTis an educational and research institution dedicated to promoting road safety, improving transportation systems, and advancing related fields of study. Its primary objective is to address the challenges and issues associated with road safety, traffic management, transportation planning, and infrastructure design.
SCMS Institute for Road Safety and Transportation (SiRST) is now a member of the Asia-Pacific Road Safety Observatory


Our vision is to create a world-class institution dedicated to promoting road safety and advancing transportation practices that are safe, sustainable, and efficient. Through our cutting-edge research, innovative training programs, & collaboration with industry partners, we aim to make a significant contribution to reducing the number of road accidents and fatalities

Programs by SiRST

  • Know Your Vehicle & Road Campaign
  • Study on Standardization of PWD roads
  • Research in road technology & vehicle safety
  • A driving academy – creates exemplary drivers
  • First Response Group
  • Capacity building programs for public transport and logistic providers
  • Certificate courses in transport sector
  • Road Audit in accident prone zones.
  • Training to Government officials in Road safety aspects.

Directors profile

Adarshkumar G Nair

An expert in implementing the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 with 30+ years of experience coupled with an experienceas a seasoned trainer in imparting over 7000 training sessions (including organisations like Institute of Managementin Government and Police Academy) on road safety and soft skill development for drivers. A highly organisedadministrator with proven office management with an ability to deal with people at all strata of the society andexperienced in organising and supervising various administrative activities.


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