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Women's day Celebrations at SCMS on 8.3.2022

Women’s day Celebrations at SCMS on 8.3.2022

Diversity is a hot topic in the IT industry — and as it is discussed so frequently, it might seem that things have already changed. Once a male-dominated sector, tech industry is becoming the most-sought after career option for women in India. Has the scenario really changed? However, for sure the industry needs female role models in leadership positions.
As per various statistics presented before us , this decade has seen an increase in women’s participation in the IT industry as they make up 35% of the total workforce in the sector, according to a NASSCOM March 2020 report . It stands third-highest among all non-agricultural sectors in the country after e-commerce (67.7%) and retail (52%) as per NASSCOM in 2018. While women are increasingly joining the workforce in the tech industry, it is also important to note that young girls in India comprise 30 % of engineering students and 43% in STEM overall , which is among the highest in the world and more than the developed nations like the US, UK, Germany and France as per All India Survey of Higher Education.
These numbers show an upward trend in women’s participation in the technology industry in India; however, a lot needs to be done to achieve gender equality in this space when it comes to women’s representation in key decision-making roles in tech-based companies. 
Today, when engineering roles are considered viable professional options for women in Indian households in the long run, it is also a reality that we see a leak in the pipeline which doesn’t allow women to reach higher positions in their career. This is as true for the tech sector, as it is for any other corporate sector in India, given that gender-based biases and patriarchal mindset continue to plague Indian society at all levels. 
This Women’s Day, Swara , the Women’s Forum of SCMS, is attempting to discuss and understand the measure for taking action towards the national dialogue around advancing opportunities in technology for women . The one day conference is attempting to bring together women MBAs, industry leaders and advocates to engage, connect and inspire and to foster a community of “leaders and allies” who will help drive women forward in the tech industry.
Sesson 1 : Women Leaders in IT Sector  
1. Sujata Madhav Chandran , Head – Competency Development, Co-Innovation & Partner Ecosystem, Data Services of Analytics & Insights Unit at Tata Consultancy Services
2. Sruthy Thampuratty , Lead Generation Manager at UST | Strategic Sales
Session 2 : Diversity Equity and inclusion programmes in IT Sector
Ms. Meera Abraham , HR Manager , Calpine Group
Session 3 : Women Entrepreneurs – Women led Tech-Startups and challenges
Ms. Ashwathy Venugopal , Dream Maker and Co-Founder , Avasarshala
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