SSTM has a team of highly qualified and dedicated academicians for all divisions. They have had exceptional exposure around the world and are familiar with the methodologies in most of the premier institutions and corporates the world over

They have solid exposure both in teaching and in industry combining their expertise to deliver quality education that is perhaps unprecedented in a professional management institute. The credentials of the faculty speak for themselves

Faculty –MBA
Faculty – MCA
Faculty –M.Sc.
Faculty –B.Com.


SSTM - MBA Academicians
Name Designation Educational qualification
Dr. Radha Thevannoor Professor & Principal M.Com, MBA, Ph.D
Dr. Mary Fatima Cross Associate Professor MA, M.Phil, Ph.D
Dr. Poornima Narayan Associate Professor MA, Ph.D
Dr. Susan Abraham Associate Professor MBA., Ph.D
Mr. A.V. Jose Associate Professor M.Com, LLB, MBA, CAIIB, PGCM (XLRI)
Mr. Santhosh S Associate Professor B.E, AICWA
Mr. George K Mathew Associate Professor B.Sc, PGDRM(IRMA)
Mr. Vilas Nair Assistant Professor PGDM, M.Com , Pursuing Ph.D
Mr. Anand Sasikumar Assistant Professor B.Tech, MBA,M.S
Ms. Devi Pisharady Assistant Professor B.Tech, MBA
Ms. Megha Mary Michael Assistant Professor MBA, PGDEM
Mr. Ajith Sundaram Assistant Professor B.Tech, MBA, MS (UK), Pursuing Ph D
Mr. Balakrishnan Unni R Assistant Professor B.Tech ( Mech) ,MBA
Ms. Sree Lakshmi K.R Assistant Professor B.Com , MBA
Ms. Devi Nair Assistant Professor B.Com, MBA
Mr. V.S . BINU Assistant Professor B.A, MBA, M.Phil
SSTM - MCA Academicians
Name Designation Educational qualification
Dr.Indu Nair Professor B.Sc., MCA ,Ph.D
Dr. Sherin Mariam Alex Professor B.Sc.,M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D
Ms. Hasnath Abu Asst Professor B.Tech. , M.S
Ms. Praveena K Asst Professor B.Sc., MCA, MBA ,(PhD)
Ms. Anjana Chandran Asst Professor B.Sc., MCA, (Ph D)
Mr. Praveen Kamath Asst Professor B.Sc.,MCA, PGDSM, MBA, (PhD)
Ms. J.M. Lakshmi Mahesh Asst Professor B.Com., MCA, M.Phil, MBA, (PhD)
Ms. Rekha Sunny Asst Professor B.Sc., MCA, M.Tech
Mr. Biju K.V Asst Professor B.Sc, MCA
Ms. Sudha D Asst Professor
B.Sc, MCA, M.Tech (IT)
Ms. Jismy Joseph Asst Professor B.CA, MCA,M.Phil
Ms. Anupama Usha Asst Professor B.Sc, MCA
SSTM - M.Sc. Academicians
Name Designation Educational qualification
DR. C MOHAN KUMAR Professor M.Sc ,Ph D
DR.SALINI BHASKAR Associate Professor M.Sc, B.Ed, M.Phil, Ph D
DR.SHEEJA.K Assistant Professor M.Sc, Ph D
DR.JITHESH P.N Assistant Professor M.S, M.Phil, Ph D
SSTM – B.Com Academicians
Name Designation Educational qualification
Prof. Narayanan N Professor (HOD) M.Com
Ms. Sheeja Jose Lecturer M.Com, B.Ed, NET & SET
Ms. Latha K Lecturer M.Com, MBA, M.Phil,(PhD)
Ms. Arsha .A Lecturer (Law) LLM (Ph D)
Ms. Celestin Robert Lecturer( Maths) M.Sc ( Statistics)
Mr. Arun Kumar M Lecturer M.Com
Ms. Iswarya .M Lecturer
M.A – English, B.Ed, SET, NET
Ms. Gifi Felix Lecturer M.Com, B.Ed, SET. NET
Ms. Sreeja Kumar Lecturer M.Com ,NET
Mr. Amal Mural Lecturer M.Com, Doing C.A
Ms. Babitha B Nair Lecturer M.A English (Ph D)
Mr. Vipul Kumar M Lecturer B.Com, M.Com
Mr. Aldrin Joseph Lecturer M.Com (Finance), M.Com (Edu Mgmt), MBA


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