Discipline Committee Functions

  • Uphold and enforce strict discipline within the college campus.

Students must wear their ID Cards on campus and in classrooms. Violations, such as dress code breaches or classroom disturbances, may result in temporary confiscation of the ID card.

  • In instances of misbehavior or rule violations, ID cards will be held by the committee members until the conclusion of an inquiry.
  •  Enforce a complete ban on cell phone usage by students in the classroom.
  • Oversee student movement within the college to prevent loitering during working hours.
  • Ensure students maintain silence in the library.
  • Uphold discipline in the college canteen and student waiting room during working hours.
  • If college property is damaged by students, the cost, along with a fine, will be charged to the responsible student(s), followed by disciplinary action.
  • Initially warn students found engaging in indiscipline. If misconduct persists, take action based on the committee's rules and regulations.