Salient Features

Institutional Distinctiveness

SCMS School of Technology and Management, affiliated with Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, stands out as a self-financing institution of higher learning. Pioneering in its approach, SSTM was among the first ten colleges in Kerala to introduce an MBA program in the private sector. This move showcased its forward-thinking vision and its commitment to providing cutting-edge education to its students.

The institution’s ethos goes beyond academics. It continually inspires its students to explore new horizons and instills in them a resilient ‘Never say die’ attitude. This spirit of perseverance and exploration is deeply embedded in every facet of SSTM. Furthermore, the diverse programs offered at SSTM not only emphasize academic excellence but also underscore its unwavering commitment to societal responsibilities and the holistic development of its students.

Meeting the
Societal needs of
the Hour

 In a heartfelt gesture to honor the relentless efforts of Covid-19 warriors, the SCMS group of Institutions has dedicated 58 seats across its six diverse schools exclusively for the children of government nurses and civil police officers. This initiative stands as a testament to SSTM’s commitment to societal well-being and its drive to give back to the community.

Unnat Bharat
Abhiyan Activities in
adopted Villages

SSTM proudly participates in the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA), an initiative under the MHRD. This program embodies the vision of connecting higher educational institutions with rural India to collaboratively identify challenges and devise sustainable solutions. As part of this initiative, SSTM conducted educational sessions for the residents of Edathala Village, emphasizing effective disposal of kitchen waste and promoting best practices for organic waste recycling. Recognizing the impactful projects and significant efforts, SSTM has been twice funded by UBA, Government of India.