Anti Ragging

Championing a Ragging-Free Campus at SSTM

At SSTM, we believe in fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment for all our students. Our Anti-Ragging Committee, a robust body comprising the Principal, Vice Principal, Heads of Department, faculty members, and student representatives, stands testament to this commitment.

Our Stance on Ragging: Ragging is unequivocally prohibited at SSTM. We have a zero-tolerance policy, and any student found indulging in such activities will face stringent actions, including legal consequences. We urge our students to uphold the values of respect and camaraderie, ensuring a harmonious campus life for all.

Proactive Measures by the Committee

  • Dissemination of the Supreme Court’s directives on ragging, ensuring every student is aware of the legal implications.
  • Prominent display of anti-ragging notices across the campus and hostels.
  • Orientation sessions for freshers and their guardians, emphasizing their rights and the avenues available for reporting ragging incidents.
  • Regular awareness sessions highlighting the adverse effects of ragging and its consequences.
  • Vigilance at potential hotspots like canteens, restrooms, and hostels to preempt any ragging incidents.

Our Track Record

We take immense pride in stating that our campus has remained ragging-free for several years, a testament to the effectiveness of our measures and the positive culture we’ve cultivated.

For any concerns or reports related to ragging, students can reach out to the Anti-Ragging Committee via email at:

Faculty RepresentativeStudent Representative
Mr. Sathesh C.S.Mr. Vivek T. P.
Mr. Praveen KamathMr. Laz
Dr. Harish MMs. Tanvi Kottat
Mr. ArunkumarMr. Ken.P.J
Dr. MohanMs. Rahila Rahman

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