Student Welfare Committee

Empowerment and Equity

The Student Welfare Committee at SSTM

At the SCMS School of Technology and Management (SSTM), the Student Welfare Committee stands as a beacon of empowerment for SC/ST, OBC, and Minority students. Established with a clear mandate, the committee ensures the effective implementation of government schemes and UGC policies aimed at enhancing the welfare of reserved categories.

Objectives of the Student Welfare Committee

  • To educate SC/ST, OBC, and Minority students and staff about government facilities for their educational and career advancement.
  • To ensure the reservation policy is implemented and monitored for effectiveness.
  • To collect and analyze data on policy implementation in admissions and appointments, ensuring the fulfillment of the required quotas.

Functions of the SC/ST, OBC, and Minority Cell

  • Addressing all affairs related to the welfare of SC/ST, OBC, and Minority students.
  • Raising awareness about various scholarship programs from the State Government and UGC.
  • Following up on measures to achieve the objectives set by the Government of India and UGC.
  • Collecting reports on education and employment trends for SC/ST, OBC, and Minority students.
  • Circulating decisions on scholarship programs and acting as a grievance redressal cell for related student and staff issues.

Dedicated In-Charge and Member for Special Cell Welfare

RoleNameContact EmailMobile Number
In-ChargeDr. Sherin Mariam Alexsherin@scmsgroup.org9645538480
MemberDr. Sethulakshmysethulakshmy@scmsgroup.org9446373975