SSTM is situated on a lush 5-acre campus by the Periyar River, creating a perfect environment for learning. The campus is designed to match top institutions, offering a peaceful and nurturing setting for students and faculty. This environment is ideal for both academic success and personal growth.

IT Center

MBA Computer Lab
SSTM’s MBA program boasts a modern computer lab, outfitted with the latest Pentium4 computers and multimedia systems. With around 150 PCs linked via LAN and a dedicated broadband Internet connection, students have access to global resources at their fingertips. The lab is also equipped with the latest licensed software, including MS Office, Windows NT, SPSS, and Publisher 3, ensuring students are well-versed in the tools essential for today’s business world.

MCA Computer Lab

The MCA program at SSTM features a state-of-the-art computer lab with the latest technology and multimedia systems. Nearly 100 PCs are interconnected in a LAN setup, providing MCA students with a robust learning environment. The lab offers a leased line Internet connection and is equipped with the latest hardware and software. This includes powerful IBM servers running Windows, AIX, and Linux Operating Systems, and installations of various open-source programming languages, Oracle, Visual Studio, along with firewall, antivirus, and content keeper installations.


The SSTM library, a powerhouse of knowledge, offers an extensive collection of journals and books in Management, Computer Applications, Marketing, Finance, and more. With access to the SCMS library’s vast resources, including multimedia CD ROMs and video films, students are well-equipped for comprehensive learning. The library, divided into four sections for MBA, MCA, M.Sc, and B.Com, also boasts 226 journals, including prestigious international publications like Harvard Business Review.


SCMS Group’s hostels provide top-notch accommodation, with the capacity to house 450 male and 356 female students. The hostels feature both A/C and non-A/C rooms and dedicated mess facilities offering quality food. The campus also includes a fully-fledged cafeteria catering to the diverse needs of students. While MBA students living within a 15 km radius can opt for day-scholarship, MCA, M.Sc, and B.Com students have non-mandatory hostel stays.

Teaching Learning Facilities

SSTM’s teaching facilities are designed to enhance the educational experience. With modern classrooms, advanced equipment, and a focus on interactive learning, the institution ensures that students are engaged and well-prepared for their professional journeys.