ABC CLUB (English Club)

To improve the communication skills of English, the department of computer applications introduced ABC Club. This club aims to acquaint students with various language skills and functions. Students can learn, play, communicate, and practice different skills, through games, songs, fun quizzes, and short presentations on topics of their own interests.


To help students to acquire the basic skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking for developing proficiency in English.

To help students to cultivate the habit of using English language in formal and informal situations.

To promote learning of English through various activities

Sports Club


  • To make aware of the importance or benefits of physical activities in day to day life
  • To encourage the regular physical activities for a positive health life-style.
  • To develop moral values through sports and games.
  • To motivate the students for mass participation in sports/games.
  • To enable the students, change their attitudes towards life (positive thinking, healthy criticism etc.)
  • Functions

  • Inter University Sports & Games
  • Mahatma Gandhi University Sports & Games
  • Other Inter Collegiate Sports & Games Meet
  • Arts Club


  • To inspire and enable students to actively learn and develop their talent and skills
  • To create ,perform and experience work in a variety of art forms
  • Functions

    • Various activities were conducted to enhance the artistic talents of students.



    Student Clubs of Department of MBA offer limitless opportunities for student leadership and participation beyond classroom setup and academic programme. These clubs are positioned to tailor the talents and hone the skills of the students with their peers holding common interests in the desired fields. They provide a great platform to usher-in the distinctive perspectives and life experiences that help them to develop sense of unity and teamwork, and learn how to work with others in reaching the same goals. They indeed help in students’ transformation and holistic development in a big way. The different clubs are

    • Natya – The Dance club
    • Malhar – The Music club
    • Drishti – The Photography club
    • Swastya – The Health and Fitness Club
    • Samvadh – The Debate Club
    • Nalla Pachakam – The Cookery Club Panache – The Business Club
    • Mayika – The Drama and Script Writing Club
    • Sanketik Sravani – The Technology Club
    • Yathra – The Travel Club
    • Saarang – The Arts and Craft Club

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