1.2 Academic Flexibility
1.2.1 Certificate or Value-added Courses   1.2.1-Addon-StudentsList 1.3 Curriculum Enrichment
1.3.1 Crosscutting Issues Addressed by Institution 1.3.2 Project Work /Field Work/ Internship] Project Work   Internships   Field Work 1.4 Feedback System   1.4.1 Stakeholder Feedback and ATR
Criteria 2 - Teaching, Learning and Evaluation' 2.1 Student Enrollment and Profile 2.1.1 Seats Filled year-wise 2.1.1 : Sanction Orders M G University Sanction Orders   AICTE Sanction Orders 2.1.2: Reserved Category Details of admission under reserved category 2.1.2: Final admission list indicating the category 2.2 Teaching staff / full time teachers year wise during the last five years 2.3: Teaching- Learning Process 2.3.1: Student centric methods for effective teaching and learning process 2.4.2: Percentage of full time teachers with NET/SET/SLET/ Ph. D./D.Sc. / D.Litt./L.L.D. during the last five years Number of full time teachers with NET/SET/SLET/Ph. D./ D.Sc. / D.Litt./L.L.D year wise during the last five years   2.6: Student Performance and Learning Outcomes 2.6.3: Pass percentage of Students Results - University Marksheets MBA MCA M.Sc Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering   Integrated MCA B.Sc Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering   B.Com Finance and Taxation   B.Com Computer Applications   B.A Economics(Vocational: Foreign Trade) BCA
Criteria 3 - Research, Innovations and Extension 3.3.1 Research Papers Published 3.2.2 - Workshops,seminars,conference including programs conducted on Research Methodology, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and entrepreneurship 3.3.2 Books and Chapters in edited volumes/books published and papers published 3.4.3 - Extension and Outreach Programmes 3.5 Collaboration 3.5.1 MOUs and Collaborations Activity Report
Criteria 4- Infrastructure and Learning Resources 4.2.1 - Integrated Library Management System 4.3.1 - IT Infrastructure
Criteria 5- Student Support and Progression 5.1 Student Support 5.1.1 Students benefitted by scholarships and freeships

5.1.2 Capacity building and skill enhancement

5.1.3 Guidance for competitive examination and career counselling 5.1.4 Student Grievance Redressal Mechanism 5.2 Student Progression 5.2.1 1)Placement Details 2) Progression to Higher Education 5.2.2 Students appeared in Qualifying Examinations 5.3 Students participation and activities 5.3.1 Awards and Medals 5.3.2 Sports and Cultural Programmes 5.4 Alumni Engagement
Criteria 6 - FDPs 6.5.2-Collaborative quality initiatives with other institutions 6.5.2 - IQAC Feedback and analysis report
Criteria 7 7.1.4 - Institutional initiatives-Inclusive environment