To be a socially committed centre of learning renowned for its excellence in quality higher education & research to foster holistic development of individuals.


To impart inclusive quality education to aspiring younger generation through the best of teaching and learning opportunities.

To discover, nurture and enhance creativity and innovation in scientific, technical and managerial competencies

To provide an enabling environment to imbibe human values in research, and community involvement.

Facilitate transformational learning process to foster holistic development of students through enriched curriculum.--


  • Embrace an environment that fosters realisation of individual potential and encourages self-discovery
  • Problem solving through creative and critical thinking
  • Nurture values of trust, integrity, fairness and respect to be responsible citizens
  • Treating all as equals by embracing individual differences in ideas, cultures and communities
  • Promote and practice sustainable development by taking into account well-being of the present while safeguarding the interests of the future

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